SwanPro LYP-SYNC Lipstick Product Review With Ongoing 10% Promo

Few weeks ago, I attended the Redeemed Church KCC Annual Women Conference. One of the programs slated for the day was vendor product showcase for entrepreneurs. So, I took my time getting to know the entrepreneurs and letting them know about Tolusworld blog and what it represents. On getting to a particular stand, it wasn’t […]

MACY’s Lenox Mall- Pictures Of Michel Germain Fragrance Pop Up Shop Held At The MACY’s Lenox Mall

Michel Germain Fragrance Pop Shop was held yesterday at the MACY’s Lenox mall. Different women’s and men’s fragrances by Michel Germain were on display. There were samples for testing and gifts for shoppers and fragrances for sale. Macy’s shoppers learned about and purchased different Michel Germain fragrances. The event hosts were there at the end […]

PARENTING and PUBERTY- When, How and What to Speak to Your Child About Puberty

Enlarged breasts, larger penises and testicles, menstruation, pubic hair, change in figure (or rounded figure in girls), voice cracking and early morning erection (in boys) are few of the physiological (natural) signs that occur in puberty. A lot of us parents shy away from speaking to our children about all these or sometimes we don’t […]


Unavoidably, screen time is a challenge to modern day childhood, considering the multitude of available screen choices. I-pads, tablets, smart phones, TVs etc. not to talk of the games, apps, social media at the fingertips of our children. This being said, it will be ignorant not to admit and acknowledge the advantages of technology. Educational […]

CONFUSED WIFE; “Iyawo Olele” Sharing Marital Struggles? See How She Manages It (EP#5) ++**GIVEAWAY**

Tunde: What is with you and this everyday questioning. My goodness, you are beginning to choke me with all your nagging. Gosh! **Tunde yelled as he stumps out of the family room moving towards the bedroom** Iyawo Olele: **In a subtle voice, following Tunde**….Me, nag? Wow! Just because I asked you why you came home […]