tolusworld Pic 3Dear Dokzy 🙂 , can you believe it? We are 12 years. Wow!!! I can’t believe it either. I look back with so much joy and fulfillment…..So much happiness.

First I want to thank Baba God that brought you my way, for making you fall in love and stay in love with me. We are indeed part of a chosen generation that were created and handcrafted to showcase the marriage institution. I am humbled by God’s grace and mercy towards us. Thank you Lord for we were created just like every other human being, but in your infinite mercy you chose Dokun and I to showcase your art…….Lord, humbly we both bow before you today…..

Now to you dearest Dokzy…..My husband of very few words 🙂 . When I met and married you, I didn’t know what I was bargaining for….honestly speaking. I didn’t know it was going to be this beautiful. Like my sister (Honorable Justice Akintan-Osadebay) counselled me just before marriage when I had cold feet after you proposed to me. I sort her advice telling her I was scared and that I did not want to be divorced in life. She looked at me and said…… “my dear sister, marriage is like a Christmas gift. Well wrapped, very beautiful on the outside with a bow on”. She asked…”but do you know what is in a gift before you open it?” I said…No. She then continues, “Despite the fact that you don’t know what’s inside, you still unwrap it with so much joy and faith, hoping and praying that what you find inside will be to your liking.” I have unveiled mine. It is overwhelmingly more beautiful than I expected. In fact, I am still unveiling……. 🙂

tolusworld Pic 1

Dokun, each year, you unveil a different part of you for me and it’s been awesome. If the first 12 years of our marriage was this beautiful, gosh I wonder what God has in stock for us in future. I am so excited I feel like a teenager who just fell in love…..

There are so many things I want to thank you for today. The one that top the list right is my dreams. Thank you for supporting my dreams and believing in me. Sometimes I think you don’t understand it (even though you act like you do J)…but honestly speaking, thank you for giving me a chance to be me. DOKUN…..Thank you for trusting me with your life. Thank you for your maturity. Each year that passes by, your actions and ways redefines love. Through you I have learned to know what agape love is towards someone that I am not related to by blood. Thank you for being my giggling friend, my gisting partner, my mentor, my companion, our caregiver, my manager and director, the father to my children, ko ri ko sun mi…….the list is endless.

tolusworld Pic 5I pray that our love will never grow old. May it continue to be as fresh as the morning dew. May it continue to blossom like a flower in the spring. May God’s grace continue to abide in our hearts and home.

Love you baiby…… always love you………Happy anniversary!!!!!

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My life at 12 YEARS…Love you baiby…… always love you………HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!


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  1. Love this ! Amen to all your prayers. Wish to have something like this oneday. Best advice ever from your sis (my mother), would always keep that in mind