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EUL_9969Dear Tolusworld (TW) reader, thank you for taking the time out to visit my blog. My name is Tolu Dairo. A trained medical doctor and pharmacovigilance professional called to inspire and motivate (and also looking to live her dreams). I am located in the State of Georgia, United States

So what brought about TOLUSWOLRD? Looking back at my life, I have decided to allow passion and personality determine my purpose in life. Tolusworld is where I connect my 3 Ps – . “PASSION-PERSONALITY & PURPOSE”……..please read on…

PASSION: I have come to the realization that I gravitate towards inspiring my fellow ladies on issues of life. I passionately motivate other women to live life to the best of their ability, using my personal challenges and daily huddles of life as a source of inspiration for myself and people around me. I simply love inspiring people. You can say it is my calling. Does this mean I know all the answers to life’s questions…… uuummm 🙂 ……are you kidding me?…….. absolutely no. I am still learning myself. One thing I am sure of though is that LIFE is BEAUTIFUL and should be lived to the fullest with little or no regrets. I have now realized that inspiring people is a true component of who I am and who I have been called to be. This brings me to my personality…..call it my DNA……..;

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Personality is a very powerful word that depicts an individual’s character and peculiar qualities. My personality hhmm…..Who am I? What do I like? What makes me happy? What sets me off? What makes me sad? What irritates me? What is that thing that aggravates me? How have I been able to handle my weaknesses? What about my strengths? Do I even have that at all? (of course we all do). These are questions that I have asked myself over the years. In answering them, I am beginning to understand myself, appreciate my God given abilities and talents, discover and develop my skills , lower my red flags of personality deficiency and most importantly accentuate my strengths;


Finding my purpose in life was a very big challenge for me. I’m sure you are wondering what she is talking about; especially for those that know me. Believe me I used to ask myself this question over and over and over again in the last few years. Please do not get me wrong. Career wise, I am accomplished (I have an MD and MSc with a very good job to back it up in a Fortune 500 company anyway). But then something was still missing. There was a vacuum. Have you ever wondered if you were doing what you have been placed on earth to do? I really used to wonder. About 2 years ago I had a very strong urge to find my purpose as I was not satisfied with where I was in respect to life’s purpose. I prayed and prayed. I sometimes even cried to God to help me. It really, really overwhelmed my spirit. Then on a glorious day….. it was on a Sunday and I was sitting in church. My Pastor was preaching. Excellent preaching with flawless delivery……… my thoughts were far away. I wasn’t hearing him. Then suddenly, it hit me, I heard that voice…….it was like a thunderbolt……. In your personality, you will find your passion and your passion will lead you to your purpose”…..Waoh! It became so clear to me what I needed to do. I became so relieved and ever since then, I have been in pursuit of my passion, purpose and ultimately, my dreams.


The connection between the 3Ps of my life “passion, personality and purpose” is what gave birth to TOLUSWOLRD, my dreams. TOLUSWORLD is a platform to bless and hopefully to motivate/inspire you and in the process inspire myself to live my dreams and enjoy life through God’s inspiration.

…..And oh by  the way, my desire to live my dreams and the passion I have within me led to the configuration of this blog. I personally built it from scratch myself. I did the research and taught myself what was needed to put a blog together without the assistance of any IT/website professional. 

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Tolusworld Profile- Tolu Dairo MD. MSc.  A motivational speaker and writer who uses her passion for career/self-development, positive parenting and healthy relationships to inspire women to live their dreams.

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