Adebola’s Surprise Bachelorette Party………Congrats to a dear friend!!! Mwah!

A bachelorette party (aka hens’ party or hens’ night in the UK) is a party given in honor of a bride-to-be. Normally it is organized by bride’s friends and sometimes family. It’s a girls’ night out where “girls” get to be “girls”. This is what we had for Adebola on Saturday March 7th. It was held at Khun Thai restaurant in Short Hills NJ. The hostess for the night were her cousin Toun Olawoye and her friend Tosin Odeyemi.  We all had a blast…..from the bride-to-be’s dramatic entrance to the games we played, it was simply a glorious night in honor of a dear friend. Debola was pleasantly surprised and was in tears when she came in.


My experience- Color code was black dress. So I wore a dress that had been sitting in my closet for almost a year. It was One of the dresses I wore for my 40th  (see how much I don’t go out? 🙁 ). Honestly, I really looked forward to this. From choosing my dress, to my visit to the gym prior to the party (I had to quickly burn some calories since I knew I was going to be piling calories on and I was not ready to pick foods that night……I just wanted to have a blast with my girlfriends). Being with my “besties” was just the best. If you are a woman reading this, you know what I mean. ‘And the games we played, OMG….especially where we had to give advice to Debola. We were to write these on a wooden kitchen spoon. Of course there were biblical advice given (you know……like put everything to God in prayer, be patient etc.) but some advice were sooo OMG!……..I can’t even write them on my blog…..but it was all good 🙂 .

Restaurant joke of the night- So for appetizers we had calamari on garden salad, grilled chicken skewers and spring rolls with peanut dip sauce. We were seated 6 to a table. So here is the joke….when the waiter brought in the skewers, he actually told us that one person should take only one chicken skewer. He also said the skewer had been counted, can you believe that? And as if that was not bad enough, my friend’s table only had 4 people seated on a 6 person table so they had 2 empty seats. The waiter actually told them to leave 2 skewers, they were meant for the 2 empty seats in case they show up…..we all burst out in laughter.

Food- To be honest the food was the best (besides the waiter/skewer experience 🙂 ). We had baked fish with Thai vegetable fried rice, chicken/vegetable mixed with vegetables and shrimp.


The night wouldn’t have been complete without a pink and purple beautiful cake

Wedding- It is slated for March 14th (in 4 days) and it will be held in Florida. So we are all jetting off to Florida in few days. I am so looking forward to this weekend. I’ll bring you pictures.

Have you gone for a bachelorette lately? You can share your pictures and experience with us. Email me on




Party favors- Purple rubber hair rollers.


See….. this advice is biblical. Read the wooden stick

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I wonder what I was laughing at here!


Me being me




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