Afro-fitness; The Ups and Downs of my Weight Lose Journey

Hi there! Thank you for checking out my afro-fitness page. I’m the girl next door who is on a never-ending fitness journey and a firm believer of healthy living. Afro-fitness was inspired by my daily weight loss/gain challenges and eating habits (both the good and not so good ones 🙁 ). I created this page to constantly remind me of my commitment to this lifestyle and to motivate others with similar struggle.EUL_0205

A little about my fitness journey

I am someone who is committed to living a healthy lifestyle from way back and I try my utmost best to achieve this in any way I can. I am also someone who lost over 20lbs when I was 19 years old. That weight was maintained for over 10 years until I had my 1st child. After my 3rd child I decided to lose my baby weight by going on a 4 month weight loss challenge, but this time, I made it fun for myself by carrying my family and friends (FF) along via regular email updates as my support system and accountability buddies.


They became my listening ears, my diary. I shared my challenges, my struggles, my fun self, my joy and most importantly, my triumph. I lost 20lbs in 4 months (Jan-April 2014). During and after my weight lose challenge, I received a lot of positive feedback from FF. Apparently I created quite an awareness and motivated a number of people to healthy living. So here I am, back again but this time, I am turning it into a lifestyle. I am opening it to everyone and making it more robust…….please don’t stop reading, it gets more interesting……. 🙂

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So why the word AFRO-FITNESS?

Healthy living, coupled with physical fitness is no child’s play o. If you’ve done it before, you know what I’m talking about. As a Naija babe, it now gets complicated when I have to deal with “eba, iyan, egusi, semo, isu…. Ha! EPO (palm oil) “ati bee be lo” (meaning etc.)” . I mean these are heavy caloric foods. But then these are foods my taste buds grew up with. So there was a need for me to find a way to eat these African stuffs and yet still stay healthy and maintain my weight. The word AFRO puts a flavor into my fitness life. I will be sharing with you how I am able to wet my taste buds with those highly caloric Naija foods and still able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also look out on this page for some of my recipes that I have put together.

And what is in this for you?

Entertainment- As you and I know, healthy lifestyle and weight maintenance could be boring at times……….and realistically, quite a challenge as it requires a lot of intentional efforts. As you could tell, I’m a fun-loving person. My lively/cheerful disposition has really helped me in paddling my path through life’s challenges in a very light way and still achieving my dreams. In other words, I look for ways to turn a difficult and challenging experience into fun so I can overcome it without much ado. Healthy weight maintenance is not any different. As a result, I have decided to make the fitness journey with you a fun-filled things (so this write-up is probably going to be the longest I will get on this page). This is about achieving fitness goals while being amused and entertained.

Motivation: I hope to create awareness and more importantly encourage and empower you to live a healthy life. I pray that as I achieve my own fitness dreams through this page, you will be motivated and probably join me 😉 on this journey so we can get the best out of life. We can also share our fitness ideas, dreams, goals, joy, challenges and most importantly our success stories.

Flat tummy, here I come

Flat tummy, here I come

I will debut this page “proper” next week when I will be going on an 11lbs (5kg) weight loss challenge. I have been psychologically prepping myself for it for the past month. If I have to preach healthy living, I better begin with myself. So please join me next week as I set out on this fun filled journey of weight loss/maintenance.


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3 thoughts on “Afro-fitness; The Ups and Downs of my Weight Lose Journey

  1. I will be more than happy to follow you on this weight loss challenge. Went through the page of Tolusworld, keep it up aunty, you are doing an awesome job.

  2. Tolu darlin I am super excited about this new journey you are embarking on and I must say i am happy to be a part of this journey with you…….having you to keep me on the straight and narrow part of healthy living please bring it on girlfriend I always knew you had something up your sleeves always looking fab you! . I am especially interested in the meal modifications because that seems to be my major challenge; I would love to bring my hubby on this journey with me so I definitely need the revised recipe. Thank you, staying tuned!

    • Hello Yeside dear, thank you for the encouraging words and for leaving a comment on the first day of my blog life. I am also looking forward to this…..