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Tolulope Dairo, MD, MSc

Hello! You are welcome to this Page. Thank you for clicking on this tab to know what it entails. As I move into my blog life, one of my dreams is to use my medical and scientific knowledge to motivate and empower you to live a healthy and fulfilling life through information. Occasionally, I will be speaking from the perspective of a physician/scientist (with Tolusworld FUN tweak to it 🙂 … don’t worry, I promise not to bore you). A little bit on my professional background: My name is Tolulope Y. Dairo, a physician with a Medical Degree (MD) from Moscow Medical Academy IM. Sechenov Russia. I also have my hands in Drug Safety and Regulation with a Master’s Degree in Regulatory Affairs for Drugs, Biologics and Medical Devices from Northeastern University, Boston Massachusetts.

I created this page to provide you with a portal where you can ask any health related question you may have and it will be answered by a certified Physician. And guess what? It is absolutely FREE. I call it ‘Free Physician consultation at your finger tip’. If you look to the right of Tolusworld page, there is a banner that says ‘MEDENHANZ’. Clicking on it will navigate you to a page where you can ask your health related questions. I am aware that health related questions are sensitive and requires utmost confidentiality that is why Tolusworld is navigating you to this link: . Apart from getting your questions answered by medical doctors, there are also other personalized tools on this portal designed for your healthy living. You can also click on the MedEnhanz’s banner below to access the portal.

Always remember Health is Wealth, so be proactive now!

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