Catching up on my fitness life after gaining 11lbs. What I’m doing about it. Gym Videos/Pictures


As life begins to go back to normal, I know I need to start getting back to things and activities that make me happy. One of which is going to the gym and staying fit. It’s been almost 4 months since I last did any fitness activity.

A byproduct of the emotional roller coaster I went through over the last 3 months is the piling up of pounds…..aka weight gain. The effect of stress hormones. I gained about 11lbs………yes 11 good pounds (5kg) over the last 3.5 months. Now that normality is returning (by God’s grace), I have to find a way to shed the excess weight before I start getting used to it…. God forbid!!!! 😡

So how am I setting out on this journey? What are the measures I will be taking to shed this? What do I weigh now? How long will it take me? These are the questions I asked myself few weeks ago and I’m sure you are wondering the same as well.

I have gone on a weight loss journey before (3 years ago) and I made it exciting and fun for myself as well as my audience and I was able to lose 20lbs. But for some reason, the story is different this time. I am not pumped up like I was that time. Excited? Eeemmm….not really, even though I felt a little better today after going to the gym.

Unlike before, honestly, there is no big intro- or some big …Yea! I want to lose weight or Hipee!!! I’m going on a weight loss journey…..…..un-un (head shaking)…nothing of that such. I am just taking this, a step at a time,  a day at a time…..fortunately.

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The journey so far…..

About three weeks ago, my spirit just began to nudge me that it was time for me to hit the gym again. Normally this is always the case when I gain weight or I’ve been too relaxed with my fitness life. I begin to have an uneasy feeling within me. This is what normally drives me to the gym. Where does it come from……maybe from deciding from an early age never to be over-weight? I guess that’s it. Yes….But for some reason this time, I was so….so not in the mood. I had zero energy level. But I knew I had to do it. I had to look within me and pull out one of the lines I use for my 5 year old when I give her a particular type of food she doesn’t like and she says “mommy I don’t like it”….and I’ll respond “you don’t have to like it….just eat it”. So this was what I told myself on that faithful afternoon…..Tolu, common, you don’t have to be in the mood to go to the gym…..just go do it…period! I know we use the same line in church as well. You don’t have to be in the mood to pray before you pray…… just pray. Your mood will catch up with you act. To my daughter, your appetite will catch up with your eating. So with my zero energy level, I got up and off I went to register at the gym three weeks ago.

My first day work out session at the gym this year was last week Tuesday. Gosh it was painful L. My body ached so much I didn’t go back the entire week. I had to wait for my body to heal. I felt better this week. So, today I went very early in the morning and was able to bang out quite a number of my oldies. It wasn’t too bad after all.

What do I weigh now? 167.2 (76kg). I was about 154lbs (70kg). I have to shed 11lbs. I am hoping for more though but then I’m taking it a day at a time.

Measures to take to attain my goal

Just like any goal, I have a little structure I tend to follow when I find myself like this. Here are things I am focusing on…..

#1. Sleep- Adequate sleep. At least 6 hours. This, I guard jealously. Without this my energy level will remain zero. Currently, I don’t have problem with this…..Amen!

#2. Water intake- I target 1.5liters /day. Again, I don’t have problem with this. I just have to monitor it to ensure I get my daily intake.

#3. Breakfast- I have to eat early before 8:30 AM. I was able to achieve this today. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Pray for me J. See the food I take in the slide show.

#4. Gym- I am committed to go to the gym at least 4 times a week. My goal is actually to go 5 times, Monday through Friday but if I’m able to throw in 4times, that will do.

#5. Late night eating- A killer for abdominal fat. I am seriously working on this. Today was very good actually. My last meal was 6:30 PM. But at about 8:00 PM, I had the urge to take something sweet so I took 2 bananas. That was a lot actually but it was better than what I used to take late night……Bread and Nutella J

#6. Clean up my pantry- I am yet to do this. But as I mentioned earlier, I was good today. The foods in my pantry did not appeal to me. Nevertheless, I will still clean it out.

#7. Change my diet- This is so important to me. My diet needs serious overhauling. I started working on it today. I hope to continue.

#8. Substitute one meal a day for pure vegetables. I am ye to start this. I will begin tomorrow.

#9. Increase my protein intake, reduce carbohydrates and oil to the barest minimum. I started this today as well.

So here are my steps to accomplishing my goal. Everything being equal, scientifically, it is healthy and possible to lose 1.5lbs in a week.  That’s my goal. With God’s grace and commitment, I believe I will achieve this.


Post treadmill pose


Post treadmill pose

Please note that I am not putting any pressure on myself so family and friends if you meet me outside, don’t ask me much on how my weight loss journey is. Weight loss is something that cannot be hidden, you will see the results when it finally comes to fruition. :mrgreen:

Reading this, pray for me or better yet, you can join me. Let me know what you think. Leave your comment/s below. I look forward to your encouraging words and support. I’ll update you in few weeks 😉

Make sure you watch my videos. I was not too coordinated in some of them….bear with me I had to do all the recording myself and it was my first time doing such in a gym I wasn’t too familiar with so I was a little clumsy. Hopefully I will get better with time 🙂

And this last one….please don’t ask me what I was doing here. Boxing? I just love doing this…..Just for the laughs 😀

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