IMG_0782Hi TW reader…..’Hope you had a great day? Mine was ok. I have been a little under the weather for 4 days now. First I thought it was malaria since I just returned from Nigeria but I eventually narrowed it down to cold. Yesterday was the peak. I had a pounding headache, malaise and could barely stand on my feet. As a result, I was unable to do my workout. I took some medications yesterday, had an early night and hoped for a better today. My health is a lot better today. Since I missed my workout yesterday, I planned on making it up today, but honestly speaking, it took all the energy in me to get on that treadmill tonight since I am still a little down. In my write up yesterday (if you missed it, click here), IMG_0784I told you I will update you daily. Here is where accountability comes into play. Because I gave my word yesterday that I will update you daily, and I didn’t want to come online without completing my workout. I was encouraged by the fact that someone is looking forward to reading my post…. The value of accountability… gives one encouragement to go on. If you have a goal/objective to complete and you have tried endlessly to no avail, why don’t you try getting someone to be accountable to? Someone you trust, believe in and look up to. It might just change your story….. 🙂 Workout Summary: treadmill 46mins; Miles 4.1miles; calories 651 calories; food breakfast 1 ½ inch sliced bread and egg-white fried with vegetables- fried with extremely little oil- see the picture. Lunch- Cashew nuts. Hydration was good; Dinner- Elubo Ogede with efo riro and ponmo and fish- Ate dinner at 6:45pm Thanks for stopping by…… till tomorrow…… cha-cha 🙂

Health breakfast 4

No oil at the base

Health breakfast 1

Vegetables without egg white

Health breakfast 2

Egg white with vegetables


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