Day 24- Tolusworld Weight Loss Daily Journal

Hi TW reader, so glad to be back. I always look forward to coming back and sharing my day. Today was a very quiet day for me. I am still a lot under the weather with pounding headache and congested nostrils. I am still taking my anti-malaria and sinus medications. As a result of this, I did not do any workout today. I decided to rest for the day. I will do my work out tomorrow. If everything goes well, I will still be able to get my 5 day workout for the week on Friday and Saturday. 


Still so under the weather today 🙁



Weight loss tip: Just wanted to add before leaving that I am adding warm water, lemon and honey mixture to my diet. I am replacing half of my daily water intake with this. I have been doing some reading on this (click here to read more) and I found out that warm water with honey and lemon helps in weight loss besides the other health benefits it has.

I have to go rest now…..sleep tight and please wish me a safe recovery………. until tomorrow, cha-cha 🙁



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