Day 25- Tolusworld Weight Loss Daily Journal

Y-E-A-!!!!! It’s Friday……..TGIF!!! Tolusworld 2015-2-6_edited I feel better today. The headache and congestion has reduced tremendously so I was able to push myself a little harder. I did my workout in the early hours of the morning.

Workout summary: 

Total time: 55mins Calories burned: 752 calories Miles completed: 4.2

Breakfast: 2 boiled egg white with coffee (I also drank warm water, lemon and honey mixture first thing in the morning)

Lunch: 1/2 portion brown rice pasta (about 125 calories), mixed vegetables, 3 pieces of ponmo and shaki, designer stew with a sprinkle of cashew nuts on it.

Hydration: I am yet to take my last cup (500mls) of water. I’ll do that before going to bed.

Dinner: Beans and Bread (I had this at about 5pm). Looking at my diet, I did not get enough vegetables.

Modification: I am substituting one of my meals for vegetable and fish tomorrow. Until tomorrow…….cha-cha 🙂

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One thought on “Day 25- Tolusworld Weight Loss Daily Journal

  1. Tolu, this s really inspiring. I have a bunch of kgs to lose and reading thru your blog I see that the samples of food you have here really matches my life style and at the same time I can lose weigh!!!! YIPPEE. Load more samples you are helping this girl oo Kemi F