Diagnosing 2017; Nanoarray Breathalyzer Test for 2017 Goals, Visions and Dreams

IMG_6638“New test can diagnose cancer and other diseases by smelling your breath”. Catching up on my flipboard articles last week, I came across one of their trending top stories in medicine; An ongoing research; “An “artificially intelligent nanoarray” can offer a fast and inexpensive diagnosis of 17 diseases, by identifying their unique chemical signatures in your breath”. (Treehugger.com). “This in turn could lead to a future of quick and non-invasive tests for early detection of those diseases”.

I was like, wow! Can you believe it? Early detection of 17 deadly diseases that have plagued mankind. The article further states that in case of lung cancer the survival rate can be increased from 10% to 70%. I thought this is phenomenal. And you know the way human mind just wonders away, well? Suddenly I went into oblivion, lost in thoughts……

Another year gone and we just started a new one. It’s like that Christmas song…”another year over, a new one just begun”. I began to reflect on 2016. Where did the year go? What did I accomplish? What did I neglect? How did I spend the year? Honestly and candidly, the only thing I could remember was that I buried my mom last year. Everything else was a blur. Then my mind somehow drifted back to the article I was reading on my flipboard. Two words resonated with me…… “nanoarray” and “early detection”. I wish I had a nanoarray breathalyzer test that can help me with an early diagnosis the obstacles, challenges of my 2017 goals, dreams and aspirations. Oh Lord, I so wish. Maybe if I had one, I will be able to detect the dos that will enhance and don’ts that will impede the survival rate of my goals and dreams so that the prognosis can be improved from 10% to 70% like what occurred for lung cancer.


I wish I had a nanoarray breathalyzer test for early diagnosis of obstacles, challenges of 2017 goals, dreams and aspirations. Oh Lord, I so wish

Unaccomplished Goals: The interesting thing about unaccomplished goals or should I say failed goals is that there are signs and symptoms that indicate the impending failure but what happens is that we sometimes ignore or trivialize the gravity of the signs. The article states that “each disease has its own unique breathprint”.  I would say same goes for each failed dream. Each failed dreamed has its own unique breathprint. We just need to find and use the right breathalyzer to diagnose the situation at an early stage so that treatment or adjustment can be implemented.

My 2017 Nanoarray Breathalyzer test for you.

  • Personal: Check your character/personality. Is there anything you need to improve? Remember, there is always room for improvement. Change your thought process. Have a positive attitude towards life. Conduct a lot of research before you embark on any journey. Have a mentor to guide you on your way. Have a structure and write your plans down. Be sure to follow them. Be more organized (one of my goals this year 🙂 ). Take care of yourself/body. Exercise and eat healthy diet. Encourage yourself. Be your own cheer leader. You’re all you’ve got. Enrich your mind and soul by reading books. Whatever you want to do, research, plan and strategically jump into it. Remember, perfectionism can act as an impediment to growth and success. So occasionally, throw it out the window and just jump at your goal. Learn to say NO to things that don’t support your goals. Take prudent risk. Be bold.
  • Societal: Who do you surround yourself with? Who do you call close friends? Be very mindful. Friends have a great influence on you. Not everyone is qualified to be a close friend. Move with giants. Move with people that add to you and not take, take and take. Give back to the community. There is blessing and happiness in giving. Be generous with your resources; time, money, service. The more you give, the more you become blessed with.
  • Spiritual: Pray, pray and pray. Having gone through multiple life experiences, I can tell you no matter how good or should I say nice you are, no matter how well you think you have prepared before embarking on any journey, challenges will arise. Some are self-inflicted while some cannot be explained. I see the both as pebbles that are thrown into one’s life to debar success. Whether it is self-inflicted or unexplainable, pray, pray and pray them away. Prayer works.

I pray for strength, wisdom and ability

AS FOR ME…….I plan to remind myself of my own teachings because I forget a lot of them at times. Just like you, I need to be reminded 🙂 . I have so much the Lord has laid upon my heart to do this year on Tolusworld and personally. I pray for strength, wisdom and ability. As we embark on this new year, I implore you to write your dreams and goals down. Put a timeline to your goals and have accountability buddies. Refer to your list monthly. Put it on your schedule if you must. I plan to do that. I wish every Tolusworld reader the best in 2017.

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