GETTING TOUGHER-Tolu’s weight loss challenges- Week 4 Begins – Day 22


Hi TW reader, today I will be discussing my challenges so far but first to break the ice….Did you miss me? I sure missed you 🙂 . It’s been 2 weeks. Wow! I bet you’ve been wondering where I went or what happened to that babe on weight loss challenge. I’m still here o. Believe me I don’t give up easily like that…especially with something I take “pasonally” as losing weight/healthy living. So what happened? It is Naija. I went there 2 weeks ago. When I was leaving, I was planning on blogging in Nigeria but on the day I arrived, I had a little food poisoning which lasted a couple of days. This, coupled with jet lag and Naija challenges skewed all my plans and I was unable to blog…. Anyways…..I am glad to be back and thank you for your patronage. Oh, I forgot to mention that I went for my niece-in-law’s wedding. I will post some pictures later. Also please check out my gisting page on Thursday. I met a Naija Nollywood celebrity at the London Heathrow Airport. My encounter was dramatic. Shay you know me now….. drama is my middle name 🙂

Down to the business of the day-Today is especially a special day for Tolusworld because 1) It marks 1 month since TOLUSWORLD inception….. Hippee!!!! Our (you & I) relationship is 1 month old…..And 2) I am launching Tolusworld Afro-fitness klub (TWAF-K) page officially….YEA!!!…..I am so so excited!!!!!! For staying with me for 1 month, I will be giving out some gifts this February. Look out for them. I haven’t decided yet which day the gifts will be blogged but I’ll surely let you know…. 🙂 IMG_0432I want to thank you all for always coming back to read my posts. Also I will like to thank TWAF-K pioneer members for reaching out to me or agreeing to be a part of my blogging life. TWAF-K page can be found under the AFRO-FITNESS tab.    


MY WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE: The last 2 weeks have been exceptionally challenging for me because of my trip to Naija. From having to organize family life and pack my luggage, the traveling itself, change in time zones, jet lag, having to live out of suitcase, staying in 3 places within a span of 1 week and to top all these is Naija Nepa, traffic issue. Naija is definitely not for the weak minded….In short, I was unable to workout for about 10days. Can you believe that? I got back from Nigeria on Thursday morning. Of course jet lag took its course. I had to quickly put myself through my weight loss psychological preparation mode again. Took me 3 days to get myself into my gym clothes. Eventually on Sunday February 1, at 3:40 am (I woke up early since my system was still working with Naija time zone) I practically dragged myself on my treadmill. I told myself even if I have to walk, I will walk. Which I did initially when I got on the treadmill but after about 1-2 minutes, I began getting my grove back so I increased my pace and increased and increased……

IMG_0473At the end of my Sunday workout: Burned- 520 calories; Time- 41minutes; Distance- 3.2miles. I was impressed with myself. The only thing was that I didn’t get to do my strength exercise. But that was ok…..I consoled myself. At least I got 520 calories out of my system.

Monday– Zumba dance- 45mins; Strength, Plank, Push-ups, leg and thigh exercises- 20mins. Burned calorie estimate-about 500 calories

Weight before Naija trip: 72kg/158.4lbs- Lost about 2.2lbs in my first week Current weight- 73kg/160.6 (Gained 2.2lbs within a span of 10 days) – Reason?- Change in lifestyle (induced stress)……too much fluctuation in weight……… -:)

Modifications: I have realized in this last month that having to wait for a week before blogging my challenges and progress in my weight loss journey is not as inspiring to me personally as I would have loved it to be. As a result, I have decided to update you daily with my daily workouts and eating habits. This might/might not be a write up. My goal is to have Tolusworld daily journal. TW journal will be posted daily on TWAF-Klub. This will enable me count my weight loss challenge in Days and not in weeks. This will also enable me have a granular grasp of my progress. EUL_0148Workout (WO) Sessions: I have increased my WO to 1:30mins- to be divided between treadmill, zumba, strength, jump rope (skipping rope), pushups, plank, hips, thigh, waist and abdominal exercises.

Food modification- I am replacing all my whites with browns meaning brown rice in lieu of white rice, brown rice pasta in lieu of white pasta. My food today:

Breakfast- ½ baked fish, 1 cup of y Cheerios with ½ a cup of activia yoghurt.

Lunch -I didn’t feel like eating so I snacked on 1 cup of chin-chin- bad snack choice- I plan to do better tomorrow.

Hydration: 2litres of water, 2 cups of tea (no milk), 2 cups of coffee Dinner- I did a lot better…..please see the picture for my dinner yesterday…

I actually measured my dinner. It’s been a while since I did this but then desperate times call for desperate moves…..

½ cup of brown rice pasta (measurement based on uncooked pasta)

½ cup  cooked peas and diced carrot together

½ of baked fish slice- left over from morning (weighs about 100 grams)

½ cup of cooked beans (ewa oloyin)

2 tbsp of designer stew (please note that I practically remove all the plam oil from my designer stew after cooking to reduce calories)

3 diced pieces of ponmo and 1 diced shaki

Don’t forget to visit TWAF-klub later today. I will be sharing my daily journal and real life stories of people going through weight loss challenges and how they are able to overcome it.

Until next week on this page……Cha-cha J IMG_0544 IMG_0545 IMG_0546 IMG_0547 IMG_0548          

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  1. It’s 6:14 pm just thought I stop by, take a 10minutes break from work and get some inspiration…….. Yes I got it. I love the blog and thanks for entertainment world juicy news.

    So sad to read about actor Muna Obiekwe may his soul rest in peace.