Good night Mommy….The home going of an Amazon, TRIBUTE to my Mother!!!

Good night mommy

Good to be back to blogging after 2-3 months of serious life events. For people who are close to me, you all know these last 3 months have been the most difficult time I have had to pass through with the sudden and unexpected passing away of my dear mom which followed the demise of my father in-law. I buried both 2 weeks back to back in January in Nigeria. My mother’s January 14th -15th; my father in law January 28th – 29th. I had to travel to Nigeria 3 times in 2 ½ months. I thank God for journey mercies.

I have so much blogging goodies 😉 (with tons of pictures), ‘don’t even know where to start from. I will blog the pictures in batches so please look out.

But before I go into the picture part, here is the tribute I wrote as published in the program/magazine disseminated at my mother’s celebration of life.


“Dearest mammy, say momme, mammy, shakuulugbu aya abajomo……as I normally called you. I can’t believe that I will be writing a tribute to you this soon. But then man proposes, God disposes, right?

The passing of mommy

Me on the day I received the news that my mom passed



Like a thunderbolt, the news of your death hit me on that cold November morning. I saw stars. I felt a knife pierced through my heart. I had never experienced such pain before. My priced jewel was snatched away from me, unexpectedly and without warning. That day, November 11 and subsequent days and weeks were the darkest moments of my life. Words cannot explain my feeling of loss. What hurt most was the fact that I was not given the opportunity to say goodbye to you. I know for sure though that if you knew you were departing, you would have paused, even if it were for a second to say goodbye to me, Dokun and my children. But it is well……. I pray to God almighty that I do not experience such pain again in my life in Jesus Name……Amen





Your departure has depopulated the world. The world has indeed lost a rare gem, an icon, a legend, an amazon.

For someone who writes and speaks a lot, for the first time in my life, words eluded me. I found myself mute for over a month after your demise. Even as I write this, I am still without words but I will try….

Thank God for every golden moment spent with you. I’m happy that I celebrated you every time I was with you.

My sojourn with you in this life has taught me quite some life lessons. Your life exemplified biblical teachings. You demonstrated the fruits of the Spirits; Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control. You were a giving woman. You were bold, fearless, gentle but yet strong in spirit.

In reflection, Mammy, growing up, we went through some hard times when resources were insufficient for our upkeep. One thing that was always more than adequate and overflowing was your unwavering love that you showered on me. I never lacked or doubted it. You gave yourself in totality to my upbringing. I remember the 11 years I spent in Mayflower Junior and Senior School. Or was it my 7 years in Moscow Russia when I was in medical school?  The huddles, obstacles, long-suffering and much more that you had to endure to ensure that my education was not tampered with. Your love and tender care was an agape sort of love, a love given without strings attached. It was absolute and encompassing, an unconditional love that transcends all else. A sacrificial one.

One thing that gives me joy now was the decision I made at a tender age to take care of you as soon as life gave me the opportunity, which I can PROUDLY say I did until your passing. Last year, God gave me a rare opportunity to personally showcase the love and respect I have for you to the world when I had my 40th birthday celebration. If only I knew then that God was giving me a chance to say my thank you and good-bye to you in a grand style and while you were still alive. I wish I could be given more time though…….but then, it is well…..

mommy n physio

Mommy and her Physiotherapist in 2010 when she came to the US to have her knee replacement surgery

Mammy, last year when we went to UK to celebrate Rolly’s graduation, I told you to write me a letter pouring out golden words of wisdom. I was planning on glazing it on my wall. I reminded you several times. Your response to be on a particular occasion was “Yejide, you are full of wisdom, what else can I tell you”. Unn…You never wrote that letter. Nevertheless, I thank you for your response to me. I will forever remember and cherish them for the rest of my life.

Mommy and her first grand-daughter…. Graduating law in Hertfordshire UK Nov. 2014

In everything, the bible says we have to give thanks. In the midst of all the pain and sadness, I find it in my heart to be thankful to God my creator, the one who is the author and finisher of our faith for giving me such a wonderful woman as a vessel to bring me into this world. I thank God for your spirit and teachings of patience and self-control, for without it, only God knows where the winds of life would have taken me. Thank you for your spirit of kindness and goodness that taught me that one’s greatness is measured through kindness and goodness towards others.  The thought of your peaceful and warm nature will forever give me warmth and comfort. Thank you for always being my #1 cheerleader. Thank you for constantly praying for me and my family.  For the encouragement over the years. Thank you for being there for me when I fractured my ankle on that rainy autumn September morning during my first pregnancy and I had to have my baby with a cast on my leg. Oh….thank you for always telling me in that subtle voice of yours in Idanre dialect “e sun kan-in so n’aye ne…..aye ne fele mami!” meaning…..”There is nothing in this life…..this life is fragile”. Thank you for continually speaking to me even after your passing. I hear you very clearly every day and I know you are with my God.

Mommy n kids

Mommy visiting me in the hospital when I had Emi.

Thank you for being there for me and my family. Thank you for being my destiny helper, my hand lifter, my intercessor, my prayer partner, my encourager and lastly, thank you for being MY MOTHER.

I am eternally grateful to you Mammy and I will forever cherish your memory.

Like the bible says in I Timothy 6:12 “fight the good fight of faith” and the book of Acts 20:24 states “However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace”. Mammy, you have fought the good fight and kept the faith. You have testified to the good news of God’s grace. You have ran and won the race. It is now time for you to bow out.

My prayer is that by God’s grace, I seek to carry the torch that you laid down on November 11, 2015

Good night “iya rere”, “iya nla”, my ever fashionable, classy and charismatic mother. “Irawo owuro”.

Sleep tight, please don’t let the bed bugs bite and have sweet dreams. I’ll see you in the morning when we meet at Jesus’ feet.

Mommy n Yejii

Good night “iya rere”, “iya nla”, my ever fashionable, classy and charismatic mother. “Irawo owuro”. Mommy when she came to US for my 40th birthday

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13 thoughts on “Good night Mommy….The home going of an Amazon, TRIBUTE to my Mother!!!

  1. This is a wonderful write up..especially for Mums that supported their children….Yemi..Duro as foundly called by all..I celebrate your were an inspiration to all….from all the testimonies i heard about you…SLEEP ON MAMA…God will keep all your gifts IJN..

  2. Yejide this is such a fitting tribute to such a wonderful mother,so touching! May the good Lord continue to be guide and protect that which she painstakingly nurtured.Sun re o iya rere!

  3. What a great tribute, I really missed your inspirational write-up for the past 3 months. Though you may not know me personally, i’m one of your husband’s close friends, quite unfortunate we didn’t see throughout your visit to Nigeria. My regards to your family.

  4. Quite inspirational and very well written. A mother’ voice is the voice you want to hear after God’ voice. Thank God for praying mothers!