It’s winter wonderland on my street

Winter Wonderland 3Home on a winter snowy day

If you live in the Tri-state area of the United States, you are probably just getting over the snow storm that swept the region in the last day and a half. It began on Wednesday evening, stopped a little at midnight and by Thursday morning, it intensified. We were all snowed in. My children’s schools were closed and I had to work from home. It was quite a beautiful experience. My children always look forward to a snowy day. You know the way children are…..anything for not going to school. My oldest daughter actually wore her pajamas inside out/backward front (hope that sounded right 😀 ) on Wednesday night keeping her fingers crossed that there won’t be school on Thursday because of the 99% weather forecast of the impending snowstorm….children 🙂 … She was right. We had a snow storm. There was no school and we were all snowed in. It was a good opportunity to spend time family though. I always look forward to it as well. I know my children really looked forward to it but by noon, I don’t think they were too happy anymore because I used the opportunity to do a little house cleaning. ‘Put my children to work a little. “Emi ke” 🙂 …. But they still got to play their XBox “sha” 🙂 , something I would never have agreed to on a weekday.

So I decided to go out and take pictures. It was so beautiful outside. My entire street was covered with blankets of snow and the trees looked like trees from the movie “Frozen”. It really felt like winter wonderland…… 🙂 I even tried making a snow angel…but it didn’t turn out well….. 🙁

I even recorded….watch it at the end.

Tolu Snow Day 3

Tolu Snow Day 5

Winter Wonderland 6Winter Wonderland 2

Tolu Snow Day 7Tolu Snow Day 4Winter Wonderland 6Winter Wonderland 1

M video- Not the best…please bear with me. I’ll work better on my recording.

How did you spend your snowed in day? Let me know in the reply below.

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