A Love letter to my hubby

T438Hello! Welcome to my relationship page where I will share tips on relationships for singles, married, friends and family. March will mark my 12th year in marriage and I give God the glory for both my challenges (which has made me wiser) and more importantly for the success of it.

My first write up is a love letter to my husband to thank him for his support over the years. Enjoy…..

Dearest hubby,

It’s been a while since I sent you one of this. I hope you enjoy reading it.

When I look back on the years we’ve spent together, and I reflect on our journey, I stand in awe of God for our challenges and triumphs. Thank you for being who you are, for supporting my dreams, for always believing in me. Thank you for being a great father and provider to us. You are a true leader. My bestie for life!


Sometimes when I look at you and the way you stretch yourself for your family, I can’t help but fall on my knees and bless the name of God for bringing you my way. You have made the journey seem effortless to an observer and outsiders. You are so malleable and never too proud to learn and invest in your marriage.

Thank you for the little things you do. For those times you call on your way from work when you are so tired and exhausted from working through the night when you are on duty. You call to tell me we are going out on a date, probably a movie night as you know I love watching movies. And oh during the movie when I turn your way to make a comment about the movie and I see that you have dozed off from the exhaustion, it just melts my heart for I know that you came to the movies just for us and when I tap you at times, you quickly sit up smiling and then you apologize again for dozing off.

Oh before I forget, thank you for being the more patient one in the relationship. Your patience has rubbed off on me over the years and I am grateful. There are times I will be in a situation where my innate person would have spilled it as is 🙁 but then I hear your stern voice saying “baiby you don’t have to respond” and I just walk away from the scene. When I get so upset at a situation at times, I have learnt not to speak, then I give you a call and by the time I am addressing it, it is with a calmer voice and clearer mind.

I love you with all my heart and I bless God for bringing you my way.

Until I write you another love note……..

Your wifey




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11 thoughts on “A Love letter to my hubby

  1. This is amazing, congratulations may the almighty God continue to be with your family. Regards to your family.

  2. Nice love letter, Tolu. I’m happy you found love and it’s mutual . Eshu o ni ya yin o. Amen .Looking forward to 13th January. Let’s go! 🙂

  3. Wow…this is lovely. Love is a gift to man. I am happy about experiences like yours Tolu. It is encouraging. I am divorced. I still very much believe in love. When with the right match…it is a catch! I must love again o. Nice one! Will keep up with u…cheers

    • Dear Fola, you are right, love is indeed a gift and that is why I am so appreciative. Belief is very strong. What one believes does come one’s way. Keep holding on and you will laugh last….. “bi ori ba pe n’ile o di dandan ko di’ire”……….. 🙂