MOTIVATION……..DO YOU LOSE STEAM? My 6 Simple But Effective Ways To Stay Motivated This Year- VLOG

Have you ever made a new year resolution? I know I have. In fact, so many times I have lost count. Have you also noticed that after some weeks, maybe months, for some reason, the new year resolution just kind of fades away? You tend to forget or disregard them. By mid-year, quite a number of us don’t even remember that we made new year resolutions. And for some other people, they do remember that they made them but for one reason or the other, they were not able to actualize them. Why does this occur? How come we don’t hold on tight to till the end of the year? Well, these were some of the questions I have been asking myself since last week. As for me, I fall into the category of “for some reason, I was not able to bring them to fruition”. And it’s not that I forgot about my goal. In fact, it was the opposite. I give myself reasons, very tangible reasons why they can’t be done. The mindset of a perfectionist.

Wow, I can’t believe I found myself in this boat. To think that I wrote a write-up last year on How Growth, Perfectionism Hinders Dreams!. I literarily had to go back and read my write-up. You can read it here . It was a good reminder for me. So here is my bible for this year. You can adopt it too.

Write Out Your Goals and Put a Time Line On Them. Remember that bible verse that states, “write your vision and make it plain”. There are power and magic in actually putting something into writing. Research shows that people who write down their goals tend to achieve them more than people who don’t write them down. Have you ever asked yourself why we all write down our “to-do-list”? To-do-list is mini short-term goals.  I achieve more when I write my “to-do-list”. One by one, I cross them off when I complete them. This time I want to go a step further by pasting it on a wall, so I see it every day until it is achieved. Putting a timeline to them helps manage the procrastination part.

Just Do It- Just like “Nike” brand. “JUST DO IT”. This is my #1 line for 2018. JUST DO IT. I realized that a lot of people over process things (me inclusive). So, this year, I am changing to “once I conceive it, I research, weigh benefit and risk, the next is to JUST DO IT. This is my year of just doing it.

Surround Yourself With Achievers- Surround yourself with people that are achievers. People that have positive vibes. People that have a high energy level. So that when life happens, which it will because we all go through it one time or the other, these people or person will uplift you with his/her words. You will be able to tap energy from them when you are losing steam.

Have An Accountability Buddy– Share your goal with a friend, spouse, sibling, co-worker etc. I have never tried this one before. This year, I am choosing a dear friend who shares the same passion as I do, a very positive minded person to be accountable to. We are sharing goals. We are each other reminders. But please be mindful. Experience has thought me that human beings can be very funny and though from the surface it might seem they care about your success, deep down, they do not wish you well. So please be prayerful and mindful before telling people your goals.

Set a Reward for Yourself- This is another thing that I want to implement this year. I want to start rewarding myself for quarterly milestones that I set for myself. Once I check complete on my “to-do-list”, I will give myself a reward. Something that I like, or I had been meaning to get. I love fashion, so I probably will get myself something in that line. Whatever you get for yourself, make sure its something that is tangible. Not like dinner or ticket to a show. You can do this but after the dinner or show, you don’t get to see the reward anymore and I believe one should constantly see one’s reward to remind you of how far you’ve come and likewise encourage to continue pursuing your dreams.

Seek Daily/weekly inspiration– I love, love Instagram. My goodness. I get inspiration from quotes. You won’t believe this but every day, after my devotion in the morning, my next stop is Instagram. Yea, you heard me, my dear.  I follow so many inspirational pages. By the time I go through 1-3 of them, I will have gotten a beautiful quote that will encourage me in my daily pursuit. My point? Find a page, a blog, book of quotes, someone etc. that can provide you with constant inspiration. You will be amazed at how this will keep you motivated. You can follow me as well on Instagram and subscribe to my blog for daily inspiration.

So, what do you think? I am super excited to start this year and I pray for each one reading this that may your 2018 dreams and goals be accomplished this year IJN, Amen. I will check with you guys at the end of the 1st quarter on how far you are going with your goals 🙂 Pleaase bear with me and the quality of my video. I am learning on the job 🙂

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