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I read this on Omoni Oboli’s Facebook page and I knew I had to share it with you. Omoni is actually on a detox journey. I think it will last for a week and today is day 3 I believe?. I thought I was being disciplined with my weight loss/maintenance regime but looking at hers, I feel motivated to continue with mine knowing I am not alone on the journey…

Plan your daily meals and snacks- What I really wanted to point out in her post is the fact that she planned her lunch. If you read my post on this week weight loss tips on Tuesday (click here if you missed it), one of the tips I gave was “Pre-think, plan and shop for your weekly meals before the week starts” Omoni’s lunch today was planned and this will enable her stay within her regime. From her post, she counted what she had for breakfast and what she was planning to have for lunch. I know she is doing this for a week but think about it, if you learn to plan what you eat at least 60%-70% of the time, you will not only lose weight but this can help weight maintenance…..think about it…

Omoni’s detox regime

“Breakfast on the go! I’ve got my lunch and my snack packed in a freezer bag (all juices of course). For breakfast today, its 2 apples, 1 carrot, 1 slice lemon, 1/4 yellow bell pepper, 1 inch slice cucumber, (I did more than one slice) 1/4 piece celery, 1 inch brocoli stem, 1 inch slice raw beetroot (I also put more of this) and ice. Juice everything and blend with ice and its a refreshing breakfast! I think I am getting quite used to it now. The cravings are not bad today. I feel rejuvenated!” Omoni Oboli-weight loss tip 2Omoni Oboli-weight loss tip


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