PARENTING and PUBERTY- When, How and What to Speak to Your Child About Puberty

Enlarged breasts, larger penises and testicles, menstruation, pubic hair, change in figure (or rounded figure in girls), voice cracking and early morning erection (in boys) are few of the physiological (natural) signs that occur in puberty. A lot of us parents shy away from speaking to our children about all these or sometimes we don’t […]


Unavoidably, screen time is a challenge to modern day childhood, considering the multitude of available screen choices. I-pads, tablets, smart phones, TVs etc. not to talk of the games, apps, social media at the fingertips of our children. This being said, it will be ignorant not to admit and acknowledge the advantages of technology. Educational […]

CONFUSED WIFE; “Iyawo Olele” Sharing Marital Struggles? See How She Manages It (EP#5) ++**GIVEAWAY**

Tunde: What is with you and this everyday questioning. My goodness, you are beginning to choke me with all your nagging. Gosh! **Tunde yelled as he stumps out of the family room moving towards the bedroom** Iyawo Olele: **In a subtle voice, following Tunde**….Me, nag? Wow! Just because I asked you why you came home […]

Style; Swag; Class and Taste You Can Trust- Botaken Online Boutique Fashion Show

Botaken Concept (Botaken, an A-class online boutique held another successful Fashion tea-party for ladies over this weekend. Again, the event was extremely successful. One-on-one (individual) fashion consultation was held with all attendees. Ladies were educated on how to get fashion right. The event was quite inspiring, fun and educative. In March, Botaken had launched […]

FREE FASHION LUNCHEON – Botaken Online Boutique Presents Atlanta First Fashion Luncheon March 25, 2017

  Have you ever wondered how some people dress up and they just get it right. I mean, they simply nail it with the style, color combination, material etc. Everything just sits on them perfectly. Well no one was born with it. We all learned it. Botaken Concept (, an A-class online boutique proudly presents […]