Pat-pat; Atilogwu; Bata; Tango; World Diverse Dance Steps; What is Your Rhythm in Life

In Nigeria, we have the Atilogwu dance performed by the Igbo tribe. A dance I love watching. Fast paced, beating of traditional drums, acrobatic, engaging. Puts you on the edge because of the stunts they perform. Beautiful, not to forget colorful.   Then I am intrigued by the Jola dance performed in Gambia called the Pat-pat […]

Diagnosing 2017; Nanoarray Breathalyzer Test for 2017 Goals, Visions and Dreams

“New test can diagnose cancer and other diseases by smelling your breath”. Catching up on my flipboard articles last week, I came across one of their trending top stories in medicine; An ongoing research; “An “artificially intelligent nanoarray” can offer a fast and inexpensive diagnosis of 17 diseases, by identifying their unique chemical signatures in […]

“SINGU LADY PALAVA” (EP#6) : Desola Breaks up Her Engagement. Shares 10 Hard Core Lessons Learned

To continue Desola’s story….. She contacted me a year later which was 2 weeks ago. At this point, she told me she had broken the relationship. She shared with me hard core relationship lessons. I was surprised at some of the steps she took while she was in the relationship. She even shared some things […]

“SINGU LADY PALAVA” (EP#5): My Wedding is in 2 Months; Unrest! Doubt! Confusion! What do I do? A True Story

“My wedding is about two months from now and I still don’t have peace within me, because of my fiancé’s bad behaviour. Preparations are on-going already and everyone in my family is worried because of his childish behaviour. What kept me going in the courtship initially was that he will soon change and get rid […]

PARENTING and CORPORAL PUNISHMENT; Right or Wrong? 5 Positive Ways to Discipline Your Child

Parenting is a daunting task. I am an African mother. I grew up in Africa where most of the things discussed here are actually strange, but thank God for technology and ever-changing world enriched with knowledge of so many things. Yes children are like wet cement, parents are the builders. We mould them. I want […]

“SINGU LADY PALAVA” (EP#4): Older Singles? Ask Jesus To Take The Wheels…..Take it From Your Hand…….

35 years of age. Great career; Good girl: Beautiful and smart; Desire so much to marry but yet no husband. What could be wrong with me? What am I not doing right? Two weeks ago during Memorial Day weekend, I was at a friend’ss place with some other girlfriends of mine. We were talking and […]

BATTERED WIFE! Bruised and Abused Emotionally, Mentally and Physically in Marriage. Fear of Societal Ostracization!

My name is Jenifer. I met this young guy while serving as an intern in a 500 fortune company. He was the talk of the office. Even though he was a director, he was highly approachable and amiable.  He was smart, eloquent and God fearing… least that was what he made me and other people […]