REVIEW: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; MY FAMILY VACATION- Pictures

I am sharing with you today my family summer vacation experience and pictures. Having moved to Atlanta 2 years ago, one of my family’s vacation plans is to begin to explore Atlanta and its metropolis. Myrtle Beach was one of the few places we picked to explore. I first got to know about Myrtle Beach 4-5 years ago when we lived in New Jersey. 3 of my friends did a road trip from Jersey to South Carolina. So, this year we set out to explore what it had to offer.

Where we stayed- We stayed on the 12th floor of an ocean view hotel and room. So, the view was heavenly and very calm. Going to bed with the sound of the ocean and waking up to ocean view was the best so you might want to consider this when booking your hotel reservation. One thing though, book early so that you can get early booking discount and ocean front rooms.

Restaurants- Going to a beach for vacation for me is almost synonymous with eating sea foods. Especially CRABs. All you can eat kind of place. SEAFOOD WORLD is a seafood restaurant you want to go to. A calabash style buffet that offers a lot of varieties spanning from appetizers, seafood, steak, deserts etc. The staff is polite and patient. They are known for their crab legs. Initially when we first arrived, I thought they were on the pricey side but after vising other restaurants, I changed my mind. Adult price after tax was $35. For more info, click here. Pictures below.

**Where Not to Go To** The Crab Calabash Seafood Buffett- This restaurant is dirty, and the staff is not nice. Their food tasted like frozen food that. They have very little variety with extremely poor presentation and taste. As if it wasn’t bad enough that the food tasted horrible, they are practically the same price as the good restaurants around. Oh, what shocked me most here was the fact that they called themselves a buffet with crab legs but the crab legs were served to customers. And the crabs were the skinniest crabs I’ve ever seen. The night my family went there, they left a bad taste in our mouth and we had to drive round town to look for another restaurant to eat. In short, don’t go to this restaurant.

Advise- Read reviews before you visit any restaurant or place. We learned the hard way.

Parks- Myrtle Waves is about the biggest waterpark in South Carolina and it is located on Myrtle Beach. My kids really had a beautiful time. They have loads of water rides and what I loved best was that it wasn’t congested. We didn’t have to wait on a long queue to go on a water slide. I wasn’t too impressed with their food courts though. They didn’t have much to offer besides burgers, hotdogs, nachos and cheese and the likes. I am Nigerian by origin so I was looking for some steak, rice etc. But never the less, we had a swell time. Pictures below.

Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center- This is a 3 in 1 entertainment center. Hollywood Wax Museum, Outbreak, Dread the undead, Hannah, Maze of Mirrors. If you have 2 hours on your hand and you want to have some wholesome fun, you should visit this trio. The combo is inexpensive for the amount of fun offered and the beauty of it was that they were all located in one building.

Pirates Voyage and Dinner- This was the best show we hard. It is a must see for anyone that visits Myrtle Beach. I have been to Broadway shows in New York. Permit me to say that this was better. Maybe it was the dinner we had that made the experience more beautiful? I’m not so sure but I can tell you it’s a show you want to go to. Pictures below.

Water Sports- There were so many water sports that we wanted to go on but was too scared to do much so I opted for banana boat riding on the ocean. My husband wanted us to have a little adrenaline rush. It was fun and worth it. If you are scared of the ocean and speed, I will suggest that you shouldn’t do this. It is the longest ride on the ocean and the captains can really move fast and you only have your life jacket on you in case of any mishap.

We went to many other places. Myrtle beach has quite a number of Broadway shows. A lot of them come with a dinner package. My suggestion is for you to purchase your tickets to the shows early because they get sold out fast.

Recommendation- So, will I recommend this city for a week vacation? Absolutely. There are so many things to do here, you can’t exhaust them. My family look forward to a day when we will go back so we can do many more fun things on this beach.

Here are a host of pictures from my family summer vacation.

Ever been to Myrtle Beach before? Or where have you gone that you enjoyed so much and recommend? Leave a comment below and a brief review. My family might decide to take a trip there next.

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