SwanPro LYP-SYNC Lipstick Product Review With Ongoing 10% Promo

Few weeks ago, I attended the Redeemed Church KCC Annual Women Conference. One of the programs slated for the day was vendor product showcase for entrepreneurs. So, I took my time getting to know the entrepreneurs and letting them know about Tolusworld blog and what it represents. On getting to a particular stand, it wasn’t as bogus as some others because of the nature of products on display, lipsticks. If you’ve been following me, you will know I love, love to make-up and lipstick is one thing I don’t joke with. So, when I saw lipsticks, it caught my attention. These lipsticks lipsticks were by SwanPro (SwanProfessionals) LYP-SYNC Lipstick. I engaged the owner and brains behind SwanPro lipsticks. She gave me 3 different colors for free and requested that I use them and provide my honest review of the products. So here is my review of SwanPRO LYP-SYNC Lipsticks

My Honest Review Of Products

CEO-SwanPro LYP-SYNC LIPSTICK- She was pleasant, approachable, respectful, very easy to deal with and most importantly, highly professional. She took her time to showcase her product one after the other.  Explaining how she came about it. At the end of our conversation, she said she wanted me to use some of her products and provide my take on it. She gave me three lipsticks to try. Lyn-Sync velvet matte lipstick: JOY, KINDNESS and PEACE.


Name and Varieties– SwanPro lyp-sync lipsticks were launched in 2015 in varieties of colors. Lyn-Sync velvet matte lipstick: PEACE; LOVE; GOD; KINDNESS; JOY; PEACE and PATIENCE. Very different names from what I am used to but I think they are cute names and I like the positive words. As an inspirational writer and speaker, positivity is one of the backbones of what I preach. POSITIVITY ATTRACTS SUCCESS (Tolusworld). Positive thoughts bring about positive things which in turn brings about positive actions. I was given JOY, KINDNESS and PEACE to review.

Packaging- The packaging was quite simple and we know that simplicity is classy and there is indeed beauty in simplicity. I took pictures of all the three sides so you get a full picture of what to expect when you order. Another thing I will like to point out here is that I can’t speak on the delivery package since these were handed to me in person. But I like the bag and lipstick packages themselves because of the classy and simple presentation.

Application Of LYP-SYNC Matte Lipstick- The three colors I tried were applied easily and went on smoothly. I have tried so many lipsticks before and in comparison to them, I can say application was smooth. One problem that I normally have with quite a number of lipsticks is the fact that they cake and crack after few minutes/hours of application and then they start falling off. I honestly did not experience these problems with SwanPro LYP-SYNC Matte Lipstick. Another thing to add here is the pigmentation and how it settles into the lips. It blends in easily and it has a very subtle effect to it. The brush applicator is also another feature I took note of. Unlike some other lipsticks I have used that have small and scanty applicator brushes, SwanPro LYP-SYNC lipstick applicator brush is full and lines the lips in few strokes.

LYP-SYNC Matte Lipstick PEACE– Out of the three, the  liquid for PEACE color was the thickest.  Not as smooth and light as the JOY and KINDNESS, so application was a little challenging for me. If you like your lipstick liquid thick and a little heavy, you might like this but I prefer light and thin liquid.

Longevity- I used Lyn-Sync velvet matte lipstick GOODNESS and left it on for over half of the day. I must say, it held on until I wanted to remove it. The pigmentation did not alter and it did not crack.

Compliments From Others- I had to add this. I received much compliments on this lipstick when I used it. To me this shows that it does look good on the lips.

Recommendation- Will I recommend? Absolutely. For ladies that like quality, class and good taste, you should try Lyn-Sync velvet matte lipsticks. If you like what this review and will like to purchase these lipsticks, you can check out SwanPro LYN-SYNC cosmetic line here www.swanprofessionals.com. To get  a 10% discount, use promo code tolusworld1. 

About SwanPRO LYP-SYNC Lipstick- From CEO-SwanPro LYP-SYNC 

Lypsync is a lipstick line by SwanPro. It was born out of the need to answer the question by matte lipstick wearers which is that most matte lipsticks are too heavy, too drying, sticks together when lips are smacked. They are highly pigmented,  and the coverage is buildable, it applies wet and dries out gradually into a matte finish. The drier it get the more beautiful it becomes. It is lightweight yet long lasting, you will almost not know you are wearing a lipstick. Waterproof, transfer-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan. The product was launched on the 28th of May 2017. Shipping typically takes about 2 to 3 business days. It costs $15 each. Shipping cost not included






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One thought on “SwanPro LYP-SYNC Lipstick Product Review With Ongoing 10% Promo

  1. I like the joy and goodness on you. I think the peace would also look very nice if you had on an outfit that will compliment it. I am not a lipstick person because of dry lips but will give this a try because you said it applies smoothly. Thanks for sharing!