TedxEuston; 4 Lessons of life you want to know -DOLIKA BANDA gives back

DOLIKA BANDA began her career with Citibank and the then Barclays in Zambia. She joined the CDC from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), where she worked for 16 years, most recently as its Director, Financial Markets, with full managerial responsibility for the IFCs financial markets activities across sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. In her role as Regional Director, Africa, Banda works with CDC’s Investment Teams to ensure that CDC’s capital is being invested to meet the demands of the African market. The audience at TEDxEuston 2014 had the privilege  of following Dolika on a journey through her history. A standing ovation from the TEDxEuston community reaffirmed Dolika’s conviction that: “it is her time to give back” after a long and successful career in the diaspora. 

4 lessons she has learnt in life:

Reverence for history- You have to have reverence for history and where you are coming from

Set a standard- So you have a goal, you have a vision, but did you set a standard? Do you live by example?

Conviction and courage- You must be convinced about your path in life. It may not have crytallized but it will surely; Courage and conviction is what keeps you going when you face challenges- Do not waist the opportunity life as bestowed on you

Draw into your anchors- When the bad moments of life come, draw into yourself, go into your anchors; everyone of us must have an anchor….it may be your family, your friends….


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