Toluworld Ewi Rendition (Yoruba Poetry)

Ewi Rendition (Yoruba Poetry) is one of my passions. I was privileged to have been invited by a good friend of mine Kendra Gainey to give an Ewi rendition praising God during her 50th birthday party held on Sunday, February 15 at the Chateau of Spain Restaurant Newark, NJ. Kendra’s message to all was that we should try to be light to someone else. If we all are light to someone, there won’t be darkness on the face of the earth. My experience with the Ewi and its preparation- I was informed about this a week before the party so I had just 6 days to prepare but I thank God it went well. The Audience- Comprised of Americans, Non-Yoruba speaking Africans, Non-Yoruba speaking Nigerians and Yorubas. Conclusion- Irrespective of the language God is praised in, EWI PERFORMANCE can be enjoyed and the spirit of God can move. I am open to performing at occasions (weddings, birthday parties, shows, church functions etc). To make an appointment, please send email to

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Tolu Ewi 5Tolu Ewi 4Tolu Ewi 3Tolu Ewi 2Tolu Ewi 1   Thanks to Euler films for the pictures.

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17 thoughts on “Toluworld Ewi Rendition (Yoruba Poetry)

  1. Wow Tolu!!! I enjoyed every bit of that!! Such talent!!! You nailed it!! Keep up the profoundly awesome job!!!

  2. Beautiful rendition and true representation of who God is.

    Well done Tolu!!!
    I enjoyed listening to you.