Dear TW reader……Today is my husband’s birthday and I don’t want the day to go by without sharing with you and giving you a glimpse of the type of man God blessed me with. I am indeed very grateful for his personality, his kind and patient heart.

Graduated Northeastern


Here is a glimpse…..I studied medicine in Moscow Russia….meaning I studied in Russian language for 7 good years. Going back to school to study in English language was a little off for me but I needed and was determined to get my masters degree in the United States (Northeastern University precisely). I applied and got admitted. Then came one of my courses that was discussing issues on a molecular level.

It was challenging I must agree. I looked at the paper I was supposed to read for the week…. Over 100 pages. I didn’t even know where to start from. About this time, Dokun was in year 1 residency internal medicine.

Now, if you are a doctor or know a doctor that is/completed his residency in the US, you will appreciate that first year residency is about the toughest time in a resident life.

So I decided to sit with the paper and get it done with but not without difficulty though. It was about midnight and Dokun woke up. I can’t really remember why he did but he strolled into the dining room where I was studying and saw me trying and trying. He must have seen that I was getting a little frustrated with the work I was doing, so he asked me, “what is this you are reading and why do you look so disturbed”? I told him the course was proving difficult and he said “let me see”….. so I gave him the huge document. Believe me, it was like a joke. He took a sit across me and began reading and reading and reading….. Seconds turned into minutes…..minutes dragged into hours and before we both knew what was going on, it was early hours of the morning. So what did he do? He took each page, one after the other and started teaching me this course. This is a course he did not know before. Wow!!!! He did such a wonderful job. I would say….better than my then professor. This is a course in drug/biologics/medical device regulations. Absolutely different from his line of specialty. This guy took it upon himself to be my teacher. Of course I aced the course…… 🙂 .

So you see? When I tell you (TW reader) I want to celebrate the man God has blessed me with, now you know why.

IMG_1670TO DOKUN, today is your day. Enjoy it to the fullest. My prayer for you is that God will continue to grant you wisdom, understanding and knowledge to enable you to fulfill the roles (i.e. son of God, husband, father, teacher, doctor, business man, provider, protector etc.) that you have been called to be. May your wishes in life be fulfilled. May you blossom and flourish like the beautiful early summer roses. I wish you well my dear. Of course you know the children and I love you dearly….. 🙂 .

Do you know Dokun personally? can you please do me a favor by calling him and wishing him happy birthday on my behalf? Please also direct him to read my blog today (he is not aware that I did this)….. 🙂

Thank you for taking time to read my little heart felt gratitude/birthday wish to my husband. As a custom, I always pray for singles and married at the end of my gratitude notes.

SINGLE WOMEN LOOKING TO BE MARRIED- May God grant you a man who will love you unconditionally, a man that will bring out the best in you and complete you.

WOMEN TRUSTING GOD FOR A STABLE HOME- May God stretch forth his ever able hands and speak into your homes. May his love and grace be sufficient and never depart from you. Amen

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