Tolusworld Ewi Rendition. I Persevered Despite all Odds. Read, Watch and be Inspired

Before I moved from Jersey, I promised my very good friend Kehinde that I was going to do an Ewi performance for her on her 40th birthday in August. So, as the day approached (and in the middle of my relocation), I put together Kehinde’s ewi rendition.

The week I was scheduled to fly to Jersey, I took ill (acute bronchitis……please don’t ask me how I got it….anyways…I was coughing, I had fever with headache). On Saturday, a day before the event, I packed my bags and off I went to the airport. On my way to the airport, just 5 minutes into driving, it occurred to me that I had forgotten my blog canon camera at home. I turned back and went to get it. My friend who was with me asked me if I really had to go back for it, I said yes. I went back for it and headed towards the airport.

Low and behold, on getting to the airport, I was told that I was 5 minutes late for my flight…WHAT???? Yes I missed my flight. As per Naija style now, I begged the attendant but she said my gate will be closed by the time I arrived at the departure lounge. She asked if I wanted to be placed on the next  available flight. Did I have a choice, of course…. No! Initially, my flight was supposed to leave at 8:50 AM, to arrive in Jersey at about 1 PM. After missing my flight, I was placed on a 12:15 PM (transit in Philadelphia) flight to arrive in Jersey at about 6:48 PM. I was sad because I was actually trying to make another wedding on that Saturday but then I thought, at least I won’t miss my friend’s birthday on Sunday.

The story gets more interesting…

On getting to Philadelphia, I was told my connecting flight had been re-scheduled for 6:50 PM to get to Jersey at 8:30 PM. Can you imagine?! Now here is where the story got interesting……to complicate issues, an hour before boarding, I realized I had forgotten my beautiful blog Canon camera on the flight I took from Georgia to Philadelphia. WHAT?? You should have seen me run helter skelter all over the airport from one terminal to the other taking the transit bus. To cut the story short, I was told someone may have found the camera but I needed to call the lost and found department. I made a police report and also documented it on the airline website. At the end of the day, I went to Jersey without my camera. 🙁


Tolusworld lost camera 1_10-12-15

On the flight to Jersey, teary eyes. I couldn’t just hold it in anymore…..






So here I was on my way to Jersey, very sad, tired from the long journey, very sick with bronchitis and my camera gone……at this point honestly, I was tired and exhausted.








But then a promise is a promise….right? So, on getting to Jersey, I rested for few hours and then woke up in the middle of the night to rehearse. I did my best, then I prayed that God should please give me the strength to give a flawless performance in honor of a good friend………..then I went to bed.

On Sunday, the day I was supposed to perform, I took Ibuprofen to keep the headache and pain down. I made sure I was well hydrated to avoid dry throat during my rendition and I also took cough suppressant to keep me from coughing. I crossed all my “t”s, dotted all “i”s and the rest, I left in God’s hands. 🙂

My Ewi Rendition

So here is my ewi rendition. I gave my best and I hope you enjoy it.




I was able to locate my camera after a lot of phone calls back and forth with the airport. It was mailed to me a week later. At times like this, I thank God I live in a country like the United States where there are still honest people.

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5 thoughts on “Tolusworld Ewi Rendition. I Persevered Despite all Odds. Read, Watch and be Inspired

  1. Your outing is okay.keep it up. If am to have a website to showcase my niche how would I go about it and how much would it cost?

  2. My dear friend, I’m so proud of you and I thank God for what He is doing in your life. You are really touching lives directly and indirectly. May you continue to wax stronger in the Lord and fulfil your God- given glorious destiny my dear.
    Regards to daddy Tami and the children. Love and miss you all….

  3. My dearest friend, as you have honored me on that day, my the Lord God continue to lift you up. Awww, what a friend. Going through all these for me, l felt very loved and honored. God bless you plenty for making my day beautiful. I love you plenty!!!