Too busy to exercise?…..Try my creative ways

I know it is said that there is time for everything in life but honestly speaking, I know sometimes when I try so hard to do some things and I can’t get through to them, I have to be creative in order to accommodate the tasks on my schedule. Working out is one of those things.

Life could be very busy and it can be sometimes so busy you don’t even have time to take care of yourself. Especially for a working mother with 3 children like me. So quite a number of times I have to move my schedules around in order to create time to accommodate my daily workout. This could be sometimes frustrating. Another challenge that I have with working out is getting my 1 hour exercise in one workout session. Life sometimes just doesn’t give us that luxury of time.

turn your commute into a workoutMy personal experience- Every Saturday, I take my children for swimming lessons. So this last Saturday, it was going to be the same routine. After which I had to go to church for a function that will last the whole evening, meaning by the time I get back, I will be exhausted and will not be able to exercise…..and oh by the way, I went to bed late on Friday night therefore I wasn’t able to wake up early as I needed to catch up on my beauty sleep. I became a little frustrated because I hadn’t gotten my 5 day work out for the week. On getting to the YMCA pool, my kids were in the pool and I had 45 minutes to play with. Normally I use this time to catch up on my reading. Just when I sat down to read, it occurred to me, wait a minute, I could use this time to throw in few work out sessions. I wasn’t dressed in my gym clothes but I didn’t allow that to deter me. Before I knew it, I did 100 squats, 10 pushups, waist, arms, legs and thigh exercises. I even had time to do a cool down session. I was fulfilled by the time I was done. This made me think that quite a number of people must really go through this, so here are my creative ways….

Cooking time: Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Or do you have to cook one of those meals that take donkey years to complete? Well this is a good time to squeeze in your arm exercises. You can also add 2lb-dumbbells to intensify your arm exercises. Squats are also a great exercise to complete in the kitchen while preparing your meal.

Lunch time at work: I’m sure you’ve heard this before. This is really true. There are so many times meetings and presentations will steal my time at work and I find myself not having that 45mins break I normally need for exercise. So what do I do? Once I know that I am going to be busy the whole day, I take my 2lb-dumbbells to work and in between meetings/presentations and during lunch, I do my squats and arms and thigh exercises. My colleagues already know hat I am an exercise junkie so they just leave me to me 🙂

TV Time: I hardly watch TV these days but I know this is very possible because I remember very well many years ago when I used to struggle with going to the gym, I decided to schedule my gym  time to when my favorite comedy (Everybody loves Raymond) was being aired. It lasts 30mins which was the time I would spend on the treadmill. As soon as it finishes, I get off and do my strength exercise.

Go on a fitness gym date- This is one thing Dokun and I are just starting doing. Since we enjoy each other’s company so much and we have to find time out of no time to go on a date, we decided to make going to the gym a date thing for ourselves. Now we have a date with each other every day, 5 days a week. Wow! Can you imagine that? If you are not married, that’s ok. Set a fitness date with your friends instead of going on that happy hour date where at the end of the date you’ll feel guilty for piling up unnecessary calories.

How creative can you get with your fitness life? Drop me a reply……. 🙂

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