Fights, disagreements, hurtful words, disappointments, disillusionment etc…. Every marriage goes through one or more of these at the onset. I have not heard a marriage that sailed smoothly without a glitch in the first 3-5years. ‘Might exist but haven’t seen. A lot of major conflicts that occur at the onset of marriage can easily be […]

Pat-pat; Atilogwu; Bata; Tango; World Diverse Dance Steps; What is Your Rhythm in Life

In Nigeria, we have the Atilogwu dance performed by the Igbo tribe. A dance I love watching. Fast paced, beating of traditional drums, acrobatic, engaging. Puts you on the edge because of the stunts they perform. Beautiful, not to forget colorful.   Then I am intrigued by the Jola dance performed in Gambia called the Pat-pat […]

Diagnosing 2017; Nanoarray Breathalyzer Test for 2017 Goals, Visions and Dreams

“New test can diagnose cancer and other diseases by smelling your breath”. Catching up on my flipboard articles last week, I came across one of their trending top stories in medicine; An ongoing research; “An “artificially intelligent nanoarray” can offer a fast and inexpensive diagnosis of 17 diseases, by identifying their unique chemical signatures in […]

42 years of life…..I share with you 7 Hard Core “I HAVE LEARNED” life lessons

Midlife brings with it a lot of mixed emotions for anyone that has passed through it. It’s a period when you get to reflect and assess your actions and relationships….constantly. A period when you reflect on your accomplishments and failures….at least this is my story…. My life so far….. In looking back across my 42 years […]

DiligentHands International (DHI ), an NGO that inspires the world through grace and creativity.

      How my journey began…. I was strolling down my street on a dry sunny harmattan afternoon in January 2003, the back view of a beautiful young lady caught my attention. She was dressed in a colorful flowing maxi dress. She was standing and I was admiring her dress….’not too sure what she was […]