Valentine’s day is a time when couples or friends come together to celebrate love.  A time when gifts are exchanged. Love is declared or affirmed by two people. But….. For some reason, when valentine is approaching, I don’t really feel that tingly feeling couples’ feel in anticipation of the celebration. You know that excitement? May […]

My Husband Disrespects My Parents! Iyawo Olele’s Coping Mechanism EP.#7

What would you do if you were married to a man that constantly disrespects your family any opportunity he gets? Speaks in a condescending manner when referring to them in a conversation and could not be bothered when you call his attention to it…….strange. Right? A situation I’m sure you and I don’t want to […]

CONFUSED WIFE; “Iyawo Olele” Sharing Marital Struggles? See How She Manages It (EP#5) ++**GIVEAWAY**

Tunde: What is with you and this everyday questioning. My goodness, you are beginning to choke me with all your nagging. Gosh! **Tunde yelled as he stumps out of the family room moving towards the bedroom** Iyawo Olele: **In a subtle voice, following Tunde**….Me, nag? Wow! Just because I asked you why you came home […]

Simi’s 2017 Single Release- Smile For Me, Even If You Sad ooo….. For The Romantics Out There

I came across this on my Instagram page. These days may God help me. I am trying to catch up with the millennials and what’s going on out there. Anyway, when I came across this, I listened to the lyrics and really loved it. Brings back good old memories of “ayonge love” (fresh, innocent love) […]

Video-Intimacy in Marriage: Understanding Sexual(physical), Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Intimacy

Intimacy in marriage is often misconstrued by a lot of people to mean physical intimacy. Specifically, sexual. The phrase intimacy in marriage is indeed broader and richer than just sexual relationship. In fact, it has a 4-part understanding to it. In this very short video I spoke on the 4 parts and how they are […]