“SINGU LADY PALAVA” (EP#4): Older Singles? Ask Jesus To Take The Wheels…..Take it From Your Hand…….

35 years of age. Great career; Good girl: Beautiful and smart; Desire so much to marry but yet no husband. What could be wrong with me? What am I not doing right? Two weeks ago during Memorial Day weekend, I was at a friend’ss place with some other girlfriends of mine. We were talking and […]

BATTERED WIFE! Bruised and Abused Emotionally, Mentally and Physically in Marriage. Fear of Societal Ostracization!

My name is Jenifer. I met this young guy while serving as an intern in a 500 fortune company. He was the talk of the office. Even though he was a director, he was highly approachable and amiable.  He was smart, eloquent and God fearing…..at least that was what he made me and other people […]

MARRIED FOLKS: Bored? Spice up Your Relationship With These Romance Nuggets

Marriage is when two people are joined together to become one desperately boring person (Ardal O’Hanion). “Another one says “Boredom is the biggest problem. Same position, same day of the week. It becomes a problem when you don’t bring any added flowers home.” The boredom that comes upon marriage after many years. A little bit about myself…..When […]

“SINGU LADY PALAVA” (EP#2)- Babe, You too Dey Form Sha! Too Picky; 4 SIGNsnDANGERS of Being Picky

What did you say? Abeg! Abeg! Abeg! (Raising her hand in air) please, please, please, ……What is it “gan sef”? I said I a-m not inte-res-ted (stretching her head forward), na by force? If he is that good, een, you too go and date him now. Leave your bobo and go-and-date-him. Haba! What is it? […]

Sweet Wife, ‘Iyawo Olele’ Is Married To Mama’s Boy; 5 Practical Ways To Manage Mama’s Boy (EP#2)

The phone rings…..grrrrrriiinng; (Sayo picks it up. It’s Tunji.) Hi darling. Wat’s up? (Tunji responds) Guess who just called me? MOMMY. She’s inviting us over. We’ll be spending Sunday with her. SAYO- Taken aback…..with mommy ke? AGAIN? 😯 But Sunday is your birthday plus we were just there two weeks ago for mother’s day.  TUNJI: […]