My Husband Disrespects My Parents! Iyawo Olele’s Coping Mechanism EP.#7

What would you do if you were married to a man that constantly disrespects your family any opportunity he gets? Speaks in a condescending manner when referring to them in a conversation and could not be bothered when you call his attention to it…….strange. Right? A situation I’m sure you and I don’t want to […]

Video-Intimacy in Marriage: Understanding Sexual(physical), Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Intimacy

Intimacy in marriage is often misconstrued by a lot of people to mean physical intimacy. Specifically, sexual. The phrase intimacy in marriage is indeed broader and richer than just sexual relationship. In fact, it has a 4-part understanding to it. In this very short video I spoke on the 4 parts and how they are […]

Catching up on my fitness life after gaining 11lbs. What I’m doing about it. Gym Videos/Pictures

As life begins to go back to normal, I know I need to start getting back to things and activities that make me happy. One of which is going to the gym and staying fit. It’s been almost 4 months since I last did any fitness activity. A byproduct of the emotional roller coaster I […]

Tolusworld dances to and with ‘Legelege’, a local musician from Idanre, Ondo state during PaDairo’s wake-keep

At the wake keep after-party of Pa Francis’ home going, friends and family members gathered together at the Dairo quarters to eat and drink. There were local musicians for the night. Tolusworld gave an outstanding performance show. She danced to the local musician “Legelege”. Unfortunately only few minutes of the performance were recorded but the videos […]

Video coverage for Tolusworld mother’s carnival-like funeral as aired on LTV 8 and OSRC television stations

The 3-day affair celebration was covered by Red Carpet Event Coverage and aired on Lagos State Television, LTV 8 and Ondo State Television, OSRC. See below for the video. If this is your first time on Tolusworld, thanks for stopping by. In the last few days I have been covering the home going of my […]

Tolusworld Ewi Rendition. I Persevered Despite all Odds. Read, Watch and be Inspired

Before I moved from Jersey, I promised my very good friend Kehinde that I was going to do an Ewi performance for her on her 40th birthday in August. So, as the day approached (and in the middle of my relocation), I put together Kehinde’s ewi rendition. The week I was scheduled to fly to Jersey, I took […]