Guess who I have a date with today? DAYMOND JOHN…..Gosh! I’m excited!!!!!

Daymond John, an American entrepreneur, whose business is worth $6 billion is in Atlanta Georgia for his FREE “Launch Academy- Become and Entrepreneur training” and I am attending today. Ever heard of FUBU and SHARK TANK? Daymond John is the founder and CEO of FUBU, a company that specializes in clothing line, beauty products and much […]

42 years of life…..I share with you 7 Hard Core “I HAVE LEARNED” life lessons

Midlife brings with it a lot of mixed emotions for anyone that has passed through it. It’s a period when you get to reflect and assess your actions and relationships….constantly. A period when you reflect on your accomplishments and failures….at least this is my story…. My life so far….. In looking back across my 42 years […]

Catching up on my fitness life after gaining 11lbs. What I’m doing about it. Gym Videos/Pictures

As life begins to go back to normal, I know I need to start getting back to things and activities that make me happy. One of which is going to the gym and staying fit. It’s been almost 4 months since I last did any fitness activity. A byproduct of the emotional roller coaster I […]