What are You? A Leader, a Manager, a Wanderer or a Clock Puncher



At the tail end of my stay in Jersey, I began to think what Georgia held for me professionally and personally. I was confronted with making some crucial decisions about my professional and personal life. 


Then my relocation drama ensued (read here if you missed it) and since the decisions were not too time sensitive (or so I thought), I decided I would pick up the thought as soon as I get to Georgia. Now that I am settled in, I am faced with the same decisions. My question to myself in hindsight is this….. did I procrastinate decision making due to the anxiety of moving to a new place…..(I probably wasn’t ready to deal with those thoughts then)…….Or was it that I was really tied up with my relocation plans and such important decisions should/could not be made in that state of mind? To answer this honestly, I don’t really know. But then I thought again, looking forward, if I delay in executing the decisions I eventually make, then I probably will know it is more of the latter than the former.

It is very interesting how the decisions we make determine who we are or become as a person or where we find ourselves in life……both professionally and personally. The decisions I make in respect to my professional and personal life now, will dictate the path I tow years from now. This brings me to the question of the day “what are you? A leader, a manager, a wanderer or a clock puncher. What decisions are you making now that might influence your position tomorrow? If you are like me, you are quickly searching yourself to know which category you belong to, right? I did the same thing. 🙂

IMG_2502Let me break it down for you…….. 🙂

You are a leader if– you have a vision and a mission; you constantly challenge status quo for improvement; you think out of the box and see things from a broader perspective; you identify issues and provide solutions to the issues; you define and commit to a purpose/mission; you are influential and you carry people along in achieving that purpose.

You are a manager if – you constantly do not think beyond the task/project you work on; you execute a task to the letter (a leader does the same but also goes far and beyond); you manage the people assigned to work with you (a leader has management skills as well); you do not have a vision beyond what you are currently working on; you are not influential; you do not think beyond your scope/environs; you do not positively challenge the status quo.

2015-09-17 PIC WHAT ARE YOU....A LEADER, A MANAGER, A WANDERER OR A CLOCK PUNCHERYou are a wanderer if- you constantly dream but never bring your dreams to fruition; you are all talks but no actions to back your talk up; you find yourself constantly telling people “you don’t understand”…..or better yet no one seem to understand you…..always. You plan, plan and plan…..but no execution.

As I walked into Chick-Fil-A with my children last week Friday for our weekly evening outing, we bumped into a lady who was just resuming for work. I watched as she went to the computer to punch in her numbers to clock in for the day’s work. Even though we were not there to see her close for the day, I’m sure she punched her numbers and clocked out when it was time to leave……the next day the vicious cycle will begin again. For this lady, she might just be doing the job to pass time or for some other reason but for some people, they make this their life………day-in-day-out……A clock puncher.

You are a clock puncher if- you are comfortable in a position; you do not challenge the level you are on; you do not like change; you always find a reason to justify why you have to remain where you are; IMG_2651My question to you today is “WHAT ARE YOU”? Personally, I think at some point in one’s life, we find ourselves as one of this……and honestly, I believe that is ok. But I also strongly believe that we should all aim to be leaders at whatever we do. Life has a way of throwing us into funny situations (especially a clock puncher and wanderer) without asking for it. If you find yourself in one of these, I think you should embrace it but not in totality though, then DECIDE and work towards shooting higher. Decisions are powerful. Find a way to navigate yourself out of an unprogressive circumstance. Do not resist or be afraid of change. Be decisive.

I think everyone’s ultimate goal should be a leader at whatever you do.

So again I ask you…..WHAT ARE YOU? Take one minute to do self-assessment. You might be surprised at your findings.

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“Avoid these three traps and become a more decisive leader” Quartz

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