When an Angel showed up. Did I call it the “ugly” part of my relocation? Not really :-)

IMG_3460Leaving family and friends behind in Jersey was one of the most difficult things I had to go through for my relocation. I was almost dreading the time when I had to say goodbye to my church family and friends. I actually wished at some point that I could close my eyes, open them and I would find myself in Georgia and that part would be behind me 😀 ……but then, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride, right? But before I share with you the emotion-laden farewell get together organized by my friends and church family, I want to drop few lines on the supposedly “ugly” aspect of my moving (i.e. the packing and boxing phase of our belongings) and how it ended up a beautiful one because of angels that showed up.
PackingI started packing 3 months prior to the move date. It’s amazing how much one gathers in a period of 10 years. Until you actually begin to pack, you won’t know. For anyone who has moved before, you’ll also know that the packing aspect is a tedious process and for me I never thought it would end. Especially with my house hunt drama that I went through towards the last few weeks of my stay in Jersey. If you missed my house hunt drama, read here. Coming back to my story…….when I thought I was done with a room, by the time I turned around, I’d find another pile of clothes/shoes/furniture etc. that I was yet to work on. It was like a never ending story.
Tolusworld relocation packing 1

This is Ronke and I after bringing all my things from the storage to my house. Rowland is behind sneaking into the picture

This brings me to the story of the angel that showed up at my door step in the nick of time. A good friend of mine and her hubby. They showed up at the peak of my packing when I really, really needed assistance. Her name is Ronke Tubi. She is one of those good friends that I rarely speak with over the phone but we have a chemistry anytime we get together. She volunteered herself and her hubby. It was my last weekend in Jersey and I needed to wrap up my packing. I still had so much to go with my storage 100% full. My die-hard spirit kept going at it but honestly looking back, I’m not sure I would have finished it if Ronke hadn’t called me on that faithful Thursday afternoon to volunteer her Saturday to assist me.

Ronke, myself my daughter Emi and Rowland!

She didn’t only show up, she brought her hubby with her. A job that would have taken me at least 2 days of serious hard labor, took us 4 hours with me exerting 1/10 of the energy I would have used if I did it myself. Ronke and Rowland, thanks so much for your assistance. You were truly God sent angels.

Another person that I want to thank is Tosin Bada. She also volunteered her beautiful Tuesday morning (eve of my move date). Thanks to you all. So why did I call this “ugly”?……. Narrating the story now, it doesn’t feel like it was ugly anymore but rather a beautiful story of God’s goodness and faithfulness.

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Ever so grateful God!


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2 thoughts on “When an Angel showed up. Did I call it the “ugly” part of my relocation? Not really :-)

  1. Thanks sis Tolu for the shout out. You have always been someone to look up to. Helping you out that day was a pleasure and true to tolu’s way really fun.

    So happy you are back blogging!!!