Obstacles! Pebbles! Disappointments! Why can’t I seem to get a headway in life…….

I set a goal in life, I try, I push, I pray, I fast but nothing seem to work. Margaret sets the same type of goal, she pushes, she tries and prays and she gets it done…..and in due time too. I know she doesn’t have two heads. What is she doing that I don’t do? What does she have that I don’t…….here is what Margaret has and does that you don’t ……….

Read and watch Sola’s story…..  

“What is that sound? …….silence….the house is as quiet as a mouse. The children are out to their friend’s house. Gone for the next 7 hours. Wow, it’s like heavens. I finally get a “me time”. Oh, let me get to my to-do list. I have so much to accomplish today. What is that first thing on my list “sef”…..yes, I want to complete that blog post I have been meaning to write. Where is the list…..oh there it is. And my computer?..…(Sola opens her computer and begins typing). Suddenly…brrring-brrring. Who is this calling me? Oh it’s Mr. Phillips. I’ll call him later. He wants to follow-up on the plumbing service ………brrrinng….brrrinng. Haa! Who is this again? Oohh…..Let me see. Oh! It’s Folake. I’ll talk to her for 5mins, ‘been meaning to catch up with her on an issue…the story continues in the pictures.

This is someone’s story day-in-day-out. Someone that sets a goal to get a write-up completed. But as soon as she sits down to accomplish her goal, she allows herself to get distracted by something she has control over, a 5-minute phone call that turned into a 1 hour conversation. Four things hindered Sola here… distraction, time wasters, old habit and lack of focus.

Several factors can hinder progress in life.

#1. HABITS- Habits are developed over a long time (chronic). They are embedded in behavioral act. As a result of its chronicity, it requires time for it to be abolished. Daily habits have a great influence on goals and the interesting thing about the human mind is that at times, it doesn’t realize that these are hindering habits. I am a proponent for healthy living. One of the things that pulls me back into unhealthy eating is my children’s unhealthy snacks. I have control over my own eating habits but because I have unhealthy snacks at home, I tend to reach out for some. Now I make a conscious effort to reduce their unhealthy snacks so as to be able to control mine. 2015-05-4 Image(2) So how do I get rid of old habits…..simple….Cultivate new ones.

#2. DISTRACTIONS- Christopher Columbus once said “by prevailing over all obstacles and distractions one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination”. Distractions are acute and controllable factors unlike habits that cannot be automatically changed.

Some distractions are camouflaged. They sound reasonable when presented. What do you do when confronted with these type of distractions? This is where information comes into play. You need to be well informed about your pursuit so that you won’t be easily pushed off your track. Any suggestion you encounter may have an element of truth and wisdom in it so you don’t want to dismiss it. But once you know your onions, you will be able to decipher if the suggestion is authentic or not.

#3. TENACITY- This is for people like me who have found their passion and have decided to pursue it but then comes the qualities that accompanies the pursuit of dreams/goals. Hardwork, perseverance, patience, strength of purpose, resoluteness, doggedness, infatigability etc. When it is required to give these qualities, people falter and complain hence they don’t give their best. For some reason, some people have a misconception that “oh I’ve found my dream/goal”…….now the journey should be a smooth ride. Oh how I wish! I can tell you this is absolutely not true. You will need to put in as much effort (if not more) as anyone in pursuit of any goal.

#4. TIME WASTERS/PROCRASTINATION Time wasters could come in any form. Someone in your life, an activity, habits, social media etc. You need to be mindful of them. You need to know how to manage your time appropriately (Time management will-post for another).

SUGGESTION: Before you start a day, look into it and itemize what your plans are and when they should be accomplished. It is also very important to put the time of the day and how long you think it might take to complete the task. Personally, I’ve always had a to-do list right from school but what I noticed was that I don’t allocate a specific time of the day to my task, as a result sometimes during my day, I entertain phone calls, colleagues coming into my office anytime etc.















Last word on procrastination- I got this quotation from my father from an early age “Procrastination is the thief of time, a moment lost is a century wasted”. With every task, have a sense of urgency. Complete each task like it was due yesterday.

Remember….Goals are dreams with timelines attached to them. Attach timelines to your goals.

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6 thoughts on “Obstacles! Pebbles! Disappointments! Why can’t I seem to get a headway in life…….

  1. Well written. What your dad said about procrastination is so true.. Procrastination is probably my worst habit..working on it.

  2. Very well written. This concept has helped me so much in life and in my career. I actually start my day at 4:30am. Everyone is sleeping and the gym is open. I make sure that I plan my day either the night before or at 4:30am. By the time the wife and kids are up at 6.30, I would have gone to the gym, and planned my day. On my off gym days, I get additional work done. My goal is to have 75% of my day completed by Lunch time. I only take phone calls while driving. I have a 2.5hr commute to work and back, and that is time I can put to good use. Thanks a lot for sharing, and I also echo bro shola’s comment above “your blog is expanding very fast” My warmest regards to your hubby and kids. God bless you

    • Thank you for sharing what works for you. I also do the same except I don’t go to the gym early and 75% of my work don’t get completed before lunch. WOW! 🙂 I must applaud you though. I am definitely following your lead on the 75% practice. This is new to me and I will try to practice it. Thanks again!