YEA!!! I lost 6lbs- Day 42/Week 6- Weight loss challenge

Wow! I can’t believe my weight loss challenge is coming to an end. Aaww 🙁 . Everything that has a beginning must surely have an end. If you followed me, I told you I was going to update you daily on my weight loss challenge. I actually thought it was going to be easy when I mentioned it but honestly I will say that balancing family life, work, blogging life and fitness life requires strategic planning and hard work and I found it a little challenging (lesson learnt-be careful what you promise).  Coming back every night to give a feedback, was no joke. By the time I finish with my day job, the children’s homework and then work on blogging, I am always so exhausted. So I decided two weeks ago to keep to my weekly updates. That way other parts of my life will not suffer….. Shay you understand? *wink*


YEA!!! I lost 6lbs so far. Almost there!!!!

YEA!!! I lost 6lbs so far. I am so proud of myself, so so proud and this is why….. I know some people find it easy to lose weight but for people like me who have to work my way to keeping fit and staying slim, especially with 3 children and busy lifestyle, it is an achievement. My eating habit has changed tremendously and I am fully back in my workout mode. Hipee!! Hopefully I will keep this throughout summer time 🙂    

Confession: I have stayed away from getting on the scale for over 3 weeks now (since I got back from Nigeria). I decided to channel my efforts and energy towards eating right and working out. Two weeks ago I decided that I will share my weight with you today hoping there will be change. At that time, I was only working on faith since the scale refused to bulge in the first few weeks of my challenge but then, I was seriously praying hard and focusing on my workout and eating. And it worked…..Yea!!!! Yesterday night I was a little anxious going to bed knowing that I have to weigh myself today and also keep you updated.

But when I got on the scale this morning, I felt very happy. I am officially 154.6lbs/70.3kgs. I know I am not there yet, but then I also see it as I am not where I used to be. I am 6lbs lighter, body is firmer and muscles are toner and eating healthier 🙂 …. This is an encouragement to anyone who is working to achieve an objective. To set a goal is easy, it is the journey towards achieving the goal that could be challenging. I said challenging but not unachievable. I’m sure you’ve heard this before. The road might be rough, what am I saying? The road will be rough, but trust me, it is walkable, it is motorable. 


True, I am yet to get to my 10lbs goal. But the journey ahead does not look as tedious as before. Thinking about it, honestly with just 2 weeks to completing the challenge, I am seriously hoping that I will get there and I am ready to give all that it takes. Pray for me……… 🙂 My question to you is this…..Have you ever gone on any form of challenge before? Have you ever set a goal and achieved it? It doesn’t matter the type of goal. Please share with me so we can all learn from your experience. The steps you took, your challenges and how you overcame them… can leave it as reply or send an email to    

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