Be bold…make that decision…take that leap of faith…your life is in your hands

Be Bold.......take that leap of faith......Remember, yoiur life is in your hands.....Dear TW readers, Happy Monday. Before I go into my write-up I quickly need to say a BIG sorry for not coming online for almost 2 weeks. I went to Nigeria 2 weeks ago and returned a couple of days back. My goal before I left was to continue blogging in Nigeria but on the day I arrived there, I had a little food poisoning which lasted a couple of days. This, coupled with jetlag and Naija challenges, threw me off completely and I was unable to blog…. Anyways…..I am glad to be back and thank you for coming back 🙂 . Moving forward, I know that I have to prepare myself better when going to Nigeria so that my blog life does not suffer.   I want to welcome you to the month of February. My prayer for you this month is that God will give you the boldness and courage to take that first step towards your purpose in life. I pray that you will find within yourself the strength and the resources to fulfill your destiny. For those that have already started the journey, hang on. May God continue to give you wisdom and renew your creativity and inspiration to continue. IJN..Amen! This morning I thought of sharing 2 quotations that spoke to me deeply as I look into what February holds for me in respect to what I have been called to do in life. I have learned to take life a step at a time towards my goal. I try not to get inundated with my journey and the challenges that come with it. I focus my thoughts on my end destination. The joy I will experience at the end of my journey gives me strength to move on when the going gets tough. The year has just started and there is a lot that you can do. Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Choose to start that project. That business idea that has been on your mind for so long, make February the month to start it. Remember….. Inspirational quote And when the going gets tough, please I beg of you do not quit, but rather pray for strength and ability from God to continue the journey. Remember…. 1-Inspirational quote Until next time, cha-cha 🙂

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