Day 28- Tolusworld Weight Loss Daily Journal

Weight maintenance tip for the week: Substitute one of your meals for salads or greens with fish preferably your dinner. If you can’t do dinner, make your afternoon meal only vegetables. This can reduce your daily calorie intake by 500 calories. Be gentle on the dressing though. It contains a lot of hidden calories.

Journal: I started the week on Sunday doing 45mins on treadmill and 25mins of strength exercise, mostly on my core.


Sunday: Treadmill 45mins- 550calories

Miles completed: 3.5miles; 30mins  of strength

I took Monday off as I was experiencing stomach stiffness due to my core exercise on Sunday. When I don’t workout, I ensure my calorie intake is low.

Breakfast: 2 thin Nigerian pancakes (no egg yoke included with reduced sugar)



tolusworld dinner 1

Lunch- Mango slices

Dinner- 1 portion of brown rice pasta (250 calories), asparagus, bowl of salad and baked tilapia fish with designer stew sauce

I will continue on Tueasday…

4 more days of exercise to go…… 🙂







tolusworld dinner 2


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