DiligentHands International (DHI ), an NGO that inspires the world through grace and creativity.


Founder and President of DiligentHands International- Mrs Bolanle Babarinde M. Ed. Educational Admin and Planning




How my journey began…. I was strolling down my street on a dry sunny harmattan afternoon in January 2003, the back view of a beautiful young lady caught my attention. She was dressed in a colorful flowing maxi dress. She was standing and I was admiring her dress….’not too sure what she was doing….but she was just there standing and staring…All of a sudden, she turned to face me and ALAS!!! She was a teenager with her protruding abdomen……WHAT? “She is pregnant?” ….and I began to move closer. Then I thought, “wait a minute….I know her….she is my neighbour’s teenage daughter”. “O my goodness, she entered high school not too long ago….when did this happen, how did she get to this level?” So many questions…..my heart began to beat fast, I became concerned and sad…..”o what a waste of youth”….then out of no where I heard a gentle voice whisper to my ears….you can prevent things like this you know.





The voice continued “these are your projects, your assignments, your calling”. You can make a difference in lives like these”. I walked home deep in thought and pondering over the issue. On getting home and subsequent days later, the thought came back, over and over again. Then I couldn’t take it anymore, so I gathered few youngsters that lived on my street then and told them what had been going through my mind. The reception I received was amazing. With open arms they embraced all my ideas and vision. On February 14, 2003 precisely, 24 youths gathered in my garage in a program tagged “What is love”…….the rest is history……

What is DiligentHands International?

DiligentHands International (DHI) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2003 by Mrs. Bolanle Babarinde (Masters in Education). The organization is committed to self-development, skill acquisition, talent discovery and development, empowerment projects for men and women. DHI was born to make a positive landmark  impact in the lives of people and anyone who is looking to improve and live a fulfilled and purposeful life. DHI Youth Club is a subsidiary of Diligent Hands International. DHI impacts many lives through series of motivational and self-development programmes and services that are offered, creative skills in our products, services 

DHI Youths Club is challenged to help youths so they can rise up to the responsibilities of their own future. We guide and harness potentials, skills and talent development, thereby re-orienting such to add success to themselves and the society at large.

WHY JOIN DHI Youth Club as a member or volunteer?

Our Vision

 The vision of DHI was divinely inspired to give hope to the hopeless, especially the youths, helping to rightly inform them on how to discover who they are, motivate them to find and develop their hidden potentials by way of training, equipping and empowering hence they become productive and live a God fulfilled life style.

 Our Mission Statement

 To set a Godly standard in the heart of every youth with the word of God, leadership skills and counsels. Raising a unique group of young stars who will become solution providers to their generation.

Some of our success stories

Toyin Alade- Marketing Consultant, Speaker and Life Coach


How do I start…hmmm! I got to know DHI youth club shortly after it started in 2004 and working my way through it was a great thing for me because DHI youth club served as one of the good things that made up my foundation. I was going through a level of depression at the time I joined and it served my needs well. I later became the President of the club and working with the founder was beyond my imagination looking at her level of commitment and dedication to the club. In the process I found a part of me which has led me to my purpose in life. Today, I lead my own successful businesses as a Marketing Consultant, both digital and traditional marketing to subject matter experts. I am also a speaker and a Life Coach, helping people find focus, direction and achieve their goals. Today looking back I will always thank God for giving me such an opportunity to start out in life knowing DHI youth club. Nothing can be compared to having a good foundation in Life…Thanks to God and Thanks to DHI youth club.

Adisa Peter Oluwafemi- Consultant (Professional Partners Consult) B.Ed, M. Ed (Guidance and Counselling) 

Adisa Peter GHI

Adisa Peter Oluwafemi

I joined DHI Youth Club through a friend’s invitation in the year 2004 and immediately I was adopted as a member of the family. It was a time of intense struggle and situations were not bringing forth expectations because it was not long after my mum’s demise that I became a member. Through the teachings, information, motivations and programmes we were exposed to, I was able to adjust myself and give my life a new definition. I have now formed personal codes that has helped me (and still helping me) channel my life towards a divine success. I am so delighted to write these words as a way of expressing my gratitude to DHI Youth Club for helping me develop my God-given potentials. 


Elizabeth Ebiteh- Through DHI youth club I have come to realize that a closed mouth is a closed destiny. At DHI, I learned to be positive in my thoughts, actions and utterances.

We hereby invite you to be a part of DHI. If you are struggling to find what your purpose is in life or you are looking for opportunity to give back to the community or you have a talent that you are looking to pass on, please contact our counseling and help-line on- 08170416720, 08033751521, 08035028126 or send an email to diligenthandsyouth@hotmail.com

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