From Jersey to Georgia. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of my Family Relocation


I want to give a big shout-out to everyone that checked up on me and my blogging life. Thanks a bunch. I felt so much loved.

First, I want to give a big shout-out to everyone that checked up on me and my blogging life. Thanks a bunch. I felt so much loved.

 My family recently relocated from New Jersey to the state of Georgia. It was quite a huge change and an emotional one for us having spent over 10 years in New Jersey with friends and family left behind. Going back into my blogging life, I feel the urge to share this emotional time with you 🙂
So here is the good, the bad and the ugly….. Or should I say……the bad…..the ugly…….the sad….. and the good…..of my move to the State of Georgia. IMG_3438
The bad of the Dairo Move-  Last year winter, we decided to relocate to Georgia. This was supposed to occur immediately our children finished the academic year in June/2015. Preparation to move (packing and boxing our belongings) went on smoothly until we began actually looking for a house in May. I decided to take a trip down to Georgia at the end of June after school was out to check out the neighborhood we were moving to. This was supposed to be a dream move for us and we were all excited. Before hopping on the plane, I had few houses in mind that I was going to checkout. So on getting to Georgia, my very good friend Remi (an accountant and a realtor) and I went house shopping together. You know the way it is when you’re looking forward to something and you eventually get to do that thing? Well it was like that for me. I was choosy…..I was finicky… you know, like in….I don’t like this bathroom…. this master bedroom is not spacious enough, I don’t like this design…. the backyard is not spacious enough…..and so on and so forth. I wanted everything to be perfect. After spending one week, I finally narrowed my choice to two houses and decided to put in offers. Low and behold, my estate agent  (not Remi) came back that the houses were already under contract. I was a little astonished but then I thought….it’s probably because the houses had been on market for a while. So when I got back to Jersey, I continued the house hunt online.
IMG_3441This was when ‘the bad’ of my story actually began. A house will be listed for 1 day, by the time I send my documents to my realtor, the house will be gone. I did this for few days and I began to be worried. This was not looking good. In Georgia, the academic year begins August 10. My children should be settled in and ready for school by then. We were going into the 2nd week in July and we still don’t have a house pinned down yet…….Now please don’t give me that look. I can hear you say…oh… should have started the search earlier . Searching earlier would have been fruitless because that will give a window of 2/3months until move-in date which no lessor will agree to. You sign contract, you move in a week or two later. IMG_3509So back to my story…..At this time, the intermediary realtor wasn’t fast enough for me anymore. She was taking too long in getting back to me. I mean, by the time I send an email to her, then she has to contact the lessor estate agent…..then she has to get back me, then my friend has to go and check the house out…….by the time we do this merry-go-round, the house will be gone. So I decided to pluck my real estate broker out of the picture. I became more aggressive in my approach. When I saw a house that I liked, my friend would check it out for me then I put in my application…..but yet same thing again…….the houses were gone under contract before I could blink my eyes. At this point, things were actually looking bad and I started getting worried and as usual naa….I intensified my prayers. God forbid that this will thwart our beautiful plan to move. I became consumed by the entire process. Children’s school was going to start in a month, yet there was no house to move into “gini-gini bomi” meaning, I became anxious/nervous. At this point I had to drop practically all that I was doing to focus on this. I was monitoring the market 24/7, praying and at the same time packing our belongings in faith.IMG_3378
Low and behold on a beautiful Friday (precisely July 11), 3 houses became freshly listed that met my criteria. Immediately, I contacted all three estate agents. They gave me a go ahead to send my documents. God help me, at this point I wasn’t bothered about the interior of the house anymore 🙁 . I just had to find a decent house in my desired neighborhood. Anyways, I scanned all the required documents to all three agents. Gosh! Scanning and sending my documents took almost an entire day. What didn’t they ask for? …. the only thing left was my urine test. Mchew! 😯 . Then came the waiting period. Longest silence period I had gone through in a while…..Next Monday, day 1 nothing. Day 2…nothing, Day 3, day 4…still nothing……. 🙁
Ha!!! “e gba mi”And nothing new was being listed on the market. Finally day 5, I got a text message stating “your application for so and so resident has been  approved”…… Yea!!!..”Ope o”….thank God. I’m sure God himself heard my shout of joy and thanksgiving that day. It was July 18. Quickly I had to wrap up all pending issues that required my new address (eg children school registration etc.) and tie the loose ends of my move.
My relocation story continues in my next write up- “The ugly of the Dairo move to Georgia” 🙂
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  1. Awww…. we’ll definitely miss you!!! But i sure would always be on your blog so i guess i wouldn’t miss so much