How I Maintain my Stature/Weight- My Daily/Weekly/Seasonal Habits

You will agree with me that weight lose can be very challenging at times. Keeping the weight off can even be more inundating especially if you have a family and have to cook all the time or you have a full time job (which could be an external stressor). But nevertheless, in the midst of all these, you have to find a balance and somehow maintain your good looking figure. Even though my weight fluctuates occasionally one kg on- one kg off, for some reason, I am still able to maintain a decent stature. So how do I achieve this?

habits that help me stay on trackHere are my daily/weekly/seasonal habits

#1. I ensure that I stay motivated in life. This is actually my strongest strength. I have come to realize that personally, a lot of my accomplishments occur when I’m motivated. When I’m a little down, it affects my fitness life. I spoke about this in one of my inspirational write-ups. “How I stay inspired”. The body releases a hormone serotonin when you are happy. When you are happy, you are able to do and achieve many things. Make use of this. Be intentional about your self-motivation.

#2. I take each day at a time-. This is also a very important element of my weight maintenance lifestyle. Every day I wake up, I ask God for strength for this just one day. This just one day. I don’t give myself unachievable or unrealistic goals like putting myself under pressure that I have to lose 25lbs in one month. I did a weight lose challenge last year when I lost 18lbs in 4 months but then I had an incentive which was to lose almost all my baby weight before my 40th birthday. But for some reason, I just can’t bring myself to achieving that anymore, no matter how much I tried. I take each day at a time. Each day is a new day for me and this has helped.

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#3. I find a reason/ an incentive to live a healthy lifestyle ALL THE TIME- Look for a reason, an incentive to stay healthy and keep fit. Is it for health reasons? Or do you simply love looking good? Or you are trying to get into that bikini suit this summer 😉 . Whatever the reason, please find it…..and they don’t have to be the same reason all the time. Personally I get bored if I stick to something for so long. For example, I change my mode of exercise a lot. During winter, I was going to the gym 3-4 times a week. Right now, I am bored with the gym so I took my fitness to the street. These days I really don’t feel like jogging so I go for long walks (4-5miles/2-3times weekly). It’s more fun doing that and I get to see multiple beautiful scenery. I also add my 2lbs dumbbells to my walk and I occasional dance while walking…..sounds a little weird right?….but keeping it fun helps me stick to it…..remember the end justifies the means.

#4. I involve my family in my weight maintenance lifestyle- This has really made my life easier. From my eating habits (which I’ll blog soon), to my fitness lifestyle itself. My entire family is on board. I needed to do this for my sake and theirs. In weight maintenance, it’s called social support. Their eating habits were affecting mine badly and since I was in charge of dictating what comes from the grocery store to the dinner table, …..I changed everything (you can’t blame a sister …gat to do what I gat to do….. right? 😉 )…… so beautifully and slowly, I brought them on board. Now finally, Dokun is on board.

#5. I believe strongly that I will be a size 4 someday 🙂This might sounds funny but it has really-really helped me. I never see myself overweight. Even when I was a US size 18-20. I always thought strongly that I will be a size 6 someday. Now I am a size 6-8. Belief is a very strong driving force. Once you believe something and desire it dearly, it has a way of influencing your lifestyle and attracting what you desire to you. Your belief channels your path to your destiny.

#6. I am consistent with all the above- All the listed points above have become my way of life every day.

Dear friend, how are you making yours work for you? I know what works for A might not work for B. Or maybe, you haven’t adopted a weight maintenance lifestyle yet. I will strongly encourage you to. You can even borrow mine if you think it will work for you.

Or do you have a lifestyle that you want to share…..please do so… will touch lives and who knows, you might change somebody’s destiny for the better through your words…….. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “How I Maintain my Stature/Weight- My Daily/Weekly/Seasonal Habits

  1. This is great. Thanks for sharing. I also believe maintaining a healthy diet and doing exercise should be part of our lives, not something we do when we are overweight. I walk 1 hour Monday – Saturday. I have removed Fizzies entirely from my intakes. Just water and decaf coffee and Green tea. I also take lemon in lukewarm water every morning. I take lots of veggies and fruits but eat whatever I like in the afternoon but little portions. I had my last baby 7 months ago. I was 69kg before I conceived him. After birth, I became a 79. But now I am 75. My target is 68. I believe it is doable. I believe this will help someone too

    • Great job on your weight lose. I agree with you. Weight maintenance/healthy living is a combination of diet and exercise. They should be done hand in hand. It is indeed doable. I am also on the journey myself. I was 85 after my third child. Now I’m 73kg and still counting. It is not over until it is over…… 🙂