I read an article on my flipboard yesterday ”how I stay inspired” by Robin Sharma #1 bestselling author of “The Leader who had no title”. This made me have a reflective moment on my own personal journey and pursuit and the tools that assist me in pursuing my destiny relentlessly……and I thought of sharing this with you……

Getting inspired to begin a journey in life or to start a project is an easy occurrence that we all encounter on a daily basis. We listen to a motivational talk or read a motivational book or come across an inspirational quote that inspires us to start a project but for some reason, in the middle of the journey we go flat. The euphoria you felt at the onset diminishes and you begin to question or doubt the validity and success of your chosen journey.

In my pursuit of following my dreams, I encounter challenges that can be discouraging. On some days, I meet people who don’t believe in or have not caught my vision. On other days I meet people who think meagre of my ideas. Do I because of these situations and challenges abandon my dreams? ….NO… right 🙂 But you’ll agree with me that these situations can be depressing at times. So how do I deal with these?

Here is my widow’s mite………I hope it adds to your reservoir of knowledge…

#1. Your pursuit should be something you are passionate about. Before you set out on a journey, search yourself. Ensure that it is something you love doing. Something that even when you are tired, you will still continue to push it. This can be informed by a life experience or hobby.

 I was talking to a sister the other day about children’s education. I was speaking so passionately that I had to stop myself because I was going on and on. My passion for children’s education is what led to the creation of my parenting page. Passion will sustain you when your journey becomes rough. It will give you strength in the face of adversity. Passion will not make you quit on your dreams.

#2. Surround yourself with motivated people. People that are positive minded. People that will encourage you on your journey. I heard this saying somewhere that “people you surround yourself with have a great influence on how you think and where you get to in life”. This is absolutely true. There is also another saying “tell me your friend and I’ll tell you the type of person you are”. Your friends’ mindset have a great influence on your thinking and decisions. Robin Sharma calls this “Walking with Giants” and I absolutely agree. Decide to walk with giants. I personally like the fact that I have the ability to choose my friends. Surround yourself with pacesetters, achievers, the movers and shakers, the doers and not the talkers……I’m sure you get the gist. Laid back people, complainers, people that think you are too aggressive, please stay away from them……they will only demotivate you.

#3. Never forget “WHY” you are doing what you are doing and “WHAT” led to your journey. Lately, I do have a lot of reflective moments and anytime I remember where I was, where I am now and how I started, I feel a sense of joy. Your sense of why will give meaning to what you are doing and will keep you focused

#4. I love bright colors. Specifically, orange. If I’m to stay inspired and also carry people along, we have to live in a world where everything is bright and beautiful. Color and beauty has a positive influence on motivation. My point….. Always seek beauty. Anything that will add color, happiness, joy, fun into your life. When I approach or sometimes get to talk to people, they see me all dressed in my colorful attire (orange, lemon green, yellow, bright red etc.) and I’ve heard statements like….uunn you don’t have problems Tolu. Tell me dear friend, who on earth doesn’t have problems? Remember I am a career woman hustling to be successful in life, a wife raising 3 daughters all below the age of 14 years without a nanny/help. I’ve got my own days too you know….but I realized that staying bright and surrounding myself with beautiful things help in keeping my serotonin (hormone responsible for happiness) level high. When it is high I am happier and energized and hence can continue to pursue my dreams which is imperative to me.


#5. Exercise- Sedentary lifestyle can lead to fatigability. When you are fatigued, you are less productive. You don’t even have the zeal to want to try sometimes. Your body is in a shutting down mode. When you exercise, your blood flow increases. The blood (amongst other things) carries oxygen and nutrients which are taken to the muscles in the body where energy is then produced. The more you exercise, the better your blood flow and the more oxygen and nutrients are supplied to your muscles and the more energized you are. You need constant energy supply to stay motivated.

#6. Listen to music that inspires you. Every morning, I use my Christian praise music to begin my day. It takes me to another realm, another world where I believe everything is achievable. Nothing is impossible in Tolusworld 🙂 . Music does magic to the soul. I stay away from slow songs when I am feeling down. I use praise music to uplift my soul. It energizes me. Once I get that surge of serotonin, off I go reaching for the stars.

Like every other thing in life, you have to be intentional if you want to stay inspired. Life will want to bug you down. Challenges will try to cripple your efforts but if you are intentional about staying inspired, you will achieve more than when you leave your inspiration to fate……. 🙂

How do you stay inspired in your pursuit….please share in the comment section below.

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  1. Love this article; very timely for me. I keep myself motivated focusing on the “Why” too. I also stay motivated by figuring out what the purpose of God is for me in every event and relationships. God is my GPS; I’m not getting distracted by the little things

    • Thanks Tosin! You are absolutely right. One should learn not to sweat the small stuff. Focus on the big things and the small will fall into place.