Happy Valentine’s Day!!!. I wish you the best love has to offer!

I do not want the day to go by without dropping a few lines on love. If you are single and still searching or already in a relationship, then these tips are for you………happy reading

Know who you are- Who are you? If you are given 1minute, can you describe your personality? Are you the gentle or the aggressive type? Or are you a go- getter/achiever. Are you the passive or the patient type? Your personality determines a lot about what you do, what interests you and where you find yourself in life. Study yourself. Know your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Your personality plays a huge role in determining the type of person you get attracted to and vice versa.



Be yourself- After knowing who you are, then be that person. Do not pretend. Can you imagine yourself lurking behind a personality you created to suit a particular relationship. Having to put it on every time the person is around or calls…..very funny right? Believe me, it is not sustainable. Maybe you will last 3 months….6 months? Ok let’s stretch it, maybe 1 year. Putting on a personality façade is tiring and burdensome and it only takes a matter of time before your real self surfaces and when it does, there will be consequences. Remember, if you fake it, you will attract someone who belongs to someone else.




Set a standard/boundary- one of the benefits of knowing who you are is that it can help you set a standard on what you can tolerate or cannot. For instance, if you are the type of person that is emotionally very stable (i.e. doesn’t get moody too often) being with someone who is emotionally labile might be a problem because of the person’s constant unpredictable change in emotions. Or if you are a very organized person, when you meet someone whose life is upside down or who doesn’t put thoughts into decision making,  this is a sign for you to take a step back and re-examine.

Make yourself eligible- Are you looking to attract a very smart, intelligent, tall looking, eloquent and articulate guy/lady, then let these qualities begin with you. Be the person you are looking to attract. I have met women who want to marry a smart and hardworking man but they are not willing to work hard or do what it takes to be called smart. Women are like trophies to men. A man wants to be able to show off his lady (in a good way please) and the same goes for women. Looking for an eligible man/woman, make yourself one. Be that trophy someone is looking for.

And if you are in a relationship…..

Discuss life goals and expectations – It is important to discuss your goals with the person you are in a relationship with before you get married. You might just be surprised to find out that the man you are so much in love with does not want to have more than one child unlike you who crave a big family. Goals should be discussed early in a relationship. Don’t wait too long before you discuss life goals. You don’t want to waste your time, energy and resources on a relationship that will not support your goals. Questions on financial commitment, children, lifestyle etc. should be discussed at the infant stage of a relationship. If not tackled, it can lead to bigger issues later in marriage.




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