What type of people am I hanging out with? Who do I call friends? These are questions you should ask yourself often. WHY? Because your friends, people that surround you have an influence on the type of life style you might end up living, how far you will or will not go in life. Constantly re-examine your circle of friends and make sure you surround yourself with people who will add to your life and also celebrate you. Of course the addition should be reciprocal. Always seek to add quality to yourself so you can be an enrichment to others as well. More importantly, celebrate others so you may be celebrated. Anyways….here is my experience in words and pictures…..

IMG_1844You know my birthday was about 2 weeks ago. Few of my friends and I have a culture of treating the birthday girl amongst us to a girls’ night out. We either go to a restaurant, jazz night, dine-in Theater, spa etc. Last week was my turn to be celebrated.  So we took a trip to “Morroco”……ok not really Morocco the country sha….. I was treated to a Moroccan belly dancing restaurant to celebrate my birthday. Not bad right? 🙂

Two of us were actually celebrated that night. My friend Lola and I. Lola had her birthday in January and we’ve all been so busy with work and family life that it took us this long to take her out. (Sorry Lola, you know the way life can be busy 🙁 )

Anyways……that was my first time of visiting a Moroccan belly dancing restaurant. It wasn’t like the conventional type of restaurant that is open all night where customers troop in at any time. The restaurant only has 2 slots for entertaining guests. 3:00PM-6:00PM and 9:00PM-12:00PM. So you either go for the first slot or the second. Reservations are mandatory. Once you are seated, the doors close and the serving and night entertainment begins.

Food- Honestly I can’t remember the names of the food. I apologize. I’ll try better next time. I was too busy taking pictures to bring to you so you don’t miss out. Next time I’ll do a better job. I remember the food was spicy and tasty. The taste was between African and Asian cuisine (Indian precisely). Interesting though considering Morocco (North Africa) is just by Spain on the world map.

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Highlight of the evening was the entertainment part. After first and second courses, the entertainment part commenced. These included belly dancing and guests dancing on the dance floor. I have never seen belly dancing before (only on TV shows) so watching it life was quite interesting and funny 🙂

We could not stay till the end of our three hour-time slot but we were able to experience guests dancing part. ‘Danced a little but it was not easy sha. Since the music was not the type I was used to. The night turned from a restaurant atmosphere to a party atmosphere……Oh I forgot to add that the crowd consisted of matured set of people.

The best part of my girls’ night out are my friends. Hanging out with them is always great. The laughing, the gisting, the catching up on life etc……always a good thing to look forward to. We get to unwind. We don’t get to do this often but when we do, it’s always a blast.IMG_1877

Sincerely thankful for having such great friends….love you babes……Happy belated birthday to Lola and me…better late than ever shay 😉 ?

My friends and I sometimes run out of ideas of where to go. Can you suggest where friends can go besides restaurants, movies or spa? Remember if you tell me, I will go and bring you full details 😉 Leave your reply below

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Lola and Moi…. 🙂




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