Tolu! See your hair, you couldn’t even brush it or better yet just pat it down….Yea right! Some photo shoot!!

Happy Thursday! If you are like me, you are probably looking forward to the weekend. One more day and we are there!!!! Going to the spa is not something I do regularly so yesterday was a different day for me. Have you ever planned a date with one of your friends just to have an outing to unwind and catch up on life? I know we girls do that a lot but do guys? Anyways….. I tend to do this at times and that is what I did yesterday. My dear friend “Ati” and I scheduled to go out on a date to the spa yesterday then do lunch afterwards. We planned this since last November and we were looking forward to it so dearly and I wasn’t going to miss it for anything since I don’t get to go out often especially with work, children etc. So here I was, all prepared to have a good time with a good friend. Ati had sent me a reminder few days ago that I should get to the spa at 12:45pm so I could do paper work (since it was my first time there). I was working towards that. I even planned that I will have a little photo modeling in front of my house before leaving so I could show TW readers.

Then as I was preparing, I got a phone call from Ati at 11:44pm stating I was supposed to be at the spa already at 11:45pm. I was like HA! “But you texted me that I should be there at 12:45pm”…….. Anyways, quickly I packed my bag, didn’t even put on make-up sef and off I went. This did not stop me “sha o” from doing my 5 minute photo modeling shoot. I quickly called my hubby to come out of the house to help me take my pictures………in-the-cold (poor guy…I pity him at times) ….. So I started posing and taking my pictures.

Then while taking the pictures, I got another phone call again from Ati this time she stated that I was already late. I was like……WHAT? “I don’t really think so”, but then I didn’t want to argue with her. I thought “me, miss this outing…….NO – WAY…… “ I told my hubby immediately and that ended my mini photo shoot. I started rushing towards the car. Even my bag fell down “sef”.

I got into the car and drove off. As if it was not bad enough that I was running late for my all awaited spa/ lunch date with a good friend, I checked my purse for my ATM card and gbam! It wasn’t there. I left it at home…HA!!!…hoooooooo!!!!. I exclaimed! “What is all this?” How bad can the day go? As I was still pondering on what to do, should I go back home, should I not (I must have driven about 2 minutes) when Ati called me again and this time she was like…… eeem…….Tolu (in a very sweet voice), I just called the spa place and they said our appointment is at 1:00pm. So you don’t have to be in a rush…..take your time. I was like W-H-A-T?? ATI!, with all the reminders????………HA!!! So I took a deep breath and exhaled. I went back home, took my time and got my card. But after this whole drama, the day went very well 🙂 . It was great after all. Great catching up with a good friend. Ati is my childhood friend from high school but we don’t get to see often because of our busy schedules. We only only get to see 1-2 times a year (she is a Dr. as well), but anytime we get to meet, it’s always fun. She is one friend that brings out the “ajebo” (ajebutter) in me. Her personality is sweet. We went to salad works after spa and gisted for almost 2hours. Very relaxing.

Shout out to my friend Ati for putting our date together………… Ati and I will be going to the movies again in February. Maybe I’ll bring you that write-up as well….

Take home- It’s good to take time out to go out with friends. Away from your normal daily routine. It clears your head and by the time you get back to your normal schedule, you come back with a better attitude and fresher mind…..oh, please also prepare very well for anything you do, even dates 🙂 Enjoy your Thursday…… Cha-cha 🙂  

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  1. Hahahaha….@ all the ‘buhaha’.

    Good to know you had fun and yes, nothing is too casual or small to plan!

  2. I can only picture you in the mist of your photo shot and taking that call. I gotta get me a spa day too!!!!