No Guts, No Glory; Chase and Conquer Your 500 Pound Lion Dream

My first encounter with Funke Akindele was “Jenifa kan, Ayetoro kan. Sulia kan, Ayetoro kan”. Then came Jenifa’s diary… what season is she now….. season 8? Then, “A trip to Jamaica” the most recent one. I am yet to watch that. Funke is quite an art don’t you think? Uunn…. like other actors in Nollywood, she uniquely delivers her art work. She is bold, confident, funny and care less about what people say.

My thoughts as I scroll through my Instagram page as I bumped into Funke Akindele’s posts….. I was in a Uber taxi on my way to checking on my car which has been at the dealer shop for almost 2 days now for over heating up.

Guts, boldness, bravery, courage. Siblings of the same mother. They can be used interchangeably, but there is something about using the word GUT that gives a sentence a stronger meaning. A word I want to zero in on today.

Gut is a quality that I have seen exude from every successful or famous person I have seen on TV, followed on social media or met in person. Wikipedia defines it as “personal courage and determination; toughness of character”. These are people that dare to do above the ordinary. They go far and beyond. They have what Napoleon Bonaparte called the two-o-clock in the morning courage.

Have you ever had a desire or a thought, of becoming or doing something that is beyond your scope or comfort zone? You know those supposedly crazy thoughts that run through one’s mind about a project. Scoffing, you just smile and dismiss it with …..… “me ke”? “Who dash me?…..or who dash monkey banana”? I have had these types of thoughts so many times. My God help us all. But then again one reads or watches people’s life history and their journey to success. Successful people have GUTS and they don’t dismiss their dreams….. (Gosh, I am speaking to myself here).

Irrespective of the field one is in, be it academic, entertainment, legal, medical, no matter the field, for you to distinguish yourself, or even achieve at all, you must have GUTS to go far and beyond. You must have GUTS to take up the difficult aspect of the job. You must have GUTS to chase the lion of the field you are in. You must be ready to give it your all. For your glory lies in your guts. Remember the old aphorism? No GUTS, no GLORY.

Why some don’t have GUTs

The basic truth behind lack of GUTs to follow through with a dream is that the dream is viewed as a five-hundred-pound lion which truthfully, it is. You begin to wonder; how can I defeat this creature. For me to defeat it, I have to do beyond the ordinary…….and you know what? Yes, you have to go beyond the ordinary (my goodness, again I am so speaking to myself now. I need to read this over and over again myself).

Then fear sets in. Fear, fear, fear…….. (exhaling). It has rubbed so many people of their divine destiny. I once wrote extensively on how to deal with fear of failure. You can read it here.

Another issue is that people tend to leave God out of the picture. We allow our circumstances to get between us and God instead of allowing God to get between us and our circumstances.

Include God in your dreams .God honors big dreams because big dreams honor God.

 What you should do

Speaking from personal experience, it takes the grace of God to achieve in life. Bring God into your dream. God honors big dreams because big dreams honor God. Simple.

  • Teach yourself to overcome your fear. How? By focusing on your strengths. Make a conscious effort not to focus on what you can’t do. Remember, you don’t overcome sin by focusing on not sinning.
  • Let your guts speak so loud that it deafens your fear.
  • If you make mistakes, GET UP! Don’t focus on it. If you focus on mistakes, you can’t make a difference.

Guts leads to freedom. Not the kind that makes you do the wrong things. But the type that leads you to your dream, your destiny, your glory.

Oh, before I forget……. You will meet haters, pebbles, obstacles on the way. Do not be perturbed. Learn to develop thick skin. Read more on Dealing with distractions here

“A dream that requires a lot of GUTs to achieve my dear is your five-hundred-pound dream. That, is your God-sized dream”. Go for it.

Over to you my sweet reader ?

Have you practiced any of the pointers in this write-up before? Have you dared yourself to follow your dream by having guts to do what is beyond your scope? Leave some wisdom nugget below. I will greatly appreciate this because this is a journey I am currently on myself. 

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Inspired by the book: Chase the Lion by Mark Batterson




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3 thoughts on “No Guts, No Glory; Chase and Conquer Your 500 Pound Lion Dream

  1. This is really me oo
    I don’t seem to even understand it sometimes
    but a bit inspired now
    I pray for God help me.
    Weldon ma’am