Ondo State Government Constructs Channel to stop Flooding and Erosion

In the past years, Araromi neighborhood in Akure South Local Government area of Ondo State has been a flood and erosion prone area as a result of the Ala River which constantly overflows its bank. The flooding and erosion posed serious public health problems, economic and environmental consequences to the neighbourhood.

The Ondo State Government has recently solved this problem through the channelization of the Ala River. A concrete channel has been constructed to allow a proper collection and flow of the river. This channel, if properly managed by the natives of Araromi will have a positive impact on public health and the economy of the Akure South Local Government area of Ondo State.


From left: Dr Kola Ademijimi, Mr Governor, Honorable Adedayo Omolafe

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The Community leaders at Ala Araromi thanking Mr Governor for the control measures taken in the flood prone area.


Community people stressing a point while Commisoner of Environment, Barrister Sola Ebiseni and Mr Governor listens with rapt attention

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Environment Commisioner explains a point while Mr Governor and others listen attentively



Mr Governor addressing the people of the Araromi

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