Pictures of the event organized in honor of My Mother on January 13…..Day 1 Celebration of Mama’s Life

My mother’s 3 day Home-Going ceremony was indeed a celebration of life. It kicked off with a lecture titled “IDANRE DEVELOPMENT AGENDA: TIME AND SPACE OF AN AMAZON” organised by some of the indigenous elites of Idanre Land (my hometown-located in Ondo state, Nigeria) Professor Niyi Akinnaso MFR and Professor Aboluwoye. Chair person of the occasion was the Chief Judge of Ondo State- Honorable Justice Olaseinde Kumuyi. Other dignitaries that graced the occasion were retired Judge of the Supreme Court of Nigeria (who is also my maternal uncle, my mother’s immediate younger brother), Honorable Justice Sunday Akintan (my mom was Nee Akintan, who married into another Akintan family), President of the Customary Court of Appeal, Justice Aguda Taiwo and my Honorable Father Chief Agboola Akintan, the Ojomu of Idanre Land and Lisa of Kosofe Land. Other Judges present at the occasion were Honorable Justice Onibokun and Honorable Justice Titi Ikpatt and my beautiful sister Honorable Justice Yemi Akintan-Osadebay.


My humble self giving vote of thanks. Gosh! I cried so much on this day




MY TESTIMONY- I can’t help it. When one is a christian, your life is a testimony especially with the magnitude of what my family had to pass through in the last few months. So here is another one.

I almost missed this lecture but my ever faithful God came to my rescue. I traveled with my brothers and their families to Ondo State. We left Lagos on Tuesday January 12 around 2:00 P.M.  which was late for that type of traveling (you know what I’m talking about if you have ever plied Ijebu-Ore road before- lateness was no fault of mine though). On Ijebu-Ore expressway, there was a terrible accident that brought the traffic to a standstill for over 3 hours. We were not involved thank God but it affected us.









We became stuck (in our black SUVs) on the road with truck drivers (what we call trailers in Nigeria), public road transporters and a lot of hoodlums. I added “SUVs” so you can have a mental image of what it looked like. Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures because that was the last thing on my mind then….. I looked at myself, my goodness, in my cute spaghetti-like dress and it was getting dark fast. It must have been around 6:00 P.M. I thought “What will be our fate once night falls”. I became worried and scared. Thank God for wisdom, I suggested to one of my brothers that we had to find a way to turn back and go to the nearest city which was Ijebu-Ode, find a hotel and lodge in for the night. We begged the “area boys”and truck drivers to please move their vehicles (somehow) that we wanted to turn back. First they disagreed but after serious begging and pleading, they obliged. We made a U-turn and headed towards Ijebu-Ode. We got to the hotel around 8:30 P.M. My other brother and his family were far from us, caught on the other side of the road where maneuvering was more challenging. But I thank God for them as well. They were able to make it to the hotel at about 2:00 A.M. At the break of dawn the next day, we all set out for my mom’s 3 day home-going ceremony. We got to the event just when it was starting. Quite an emotional time for me but I thank God……Enjoy the pictures.

More Pictures to follow…. 😉


High Chief Agboola Akintan, the Ojomu of Idanre Land and Lisa of Kosofe Land. My father..See the resembance?…too striking…..He will be 90 years in June


My beautiful sister Honorable Justice Oluyemi Akintan-Osabebay


My big bro- Barrister Olusegun Akintan…….also giving vote of thanks


My Paternal Uncle James Akintola…..Loves my mom to pieces. He flew down from UK to be with and support us.


From Left- The Oba of Alade, My sister Honorable Justice Oluyemi Akintan-Osabebay, Chief Judge of Ondo State-Justice Olashinde Kumuyi, My humble self- Tolusworld, Honoroble Justice Onibokun


My Father- High Chief Agboola Akintan flanked by Oba Alade and his wife Olori


My Family



President of the Customary Court of Appeal, Ondo State- Justice Aguda Taiwo addressing the audience


The Olori of Alade Idanre- The beauty of tradition. Oloris in Idanre and Alade Idanre are not allowed to wear clothes over their head


From right-Honorable Justice Onibokun, Chief Judge of Ondo State- Honorable Justice Kumuyi, My bro- Barrister Segun Akintan, Middle- Honorable Justice Yemi Akintan Osadebay-in red, Honorable Justice Titi Ikpatt and well wishers



Retired Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria- Honorable Justice Sunday Akintan- Mom’s younger brother



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4 thoughts on “Pictures of the event organized in honor of My Mother on January 13…..Day 1 Celebration of Mama’s Life

  1. Wow! Sister Tolu, thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures, mom’s homegoing service was colorful, truly a celebration of life. I thank God for guiding your steps and protecting you through all the ordeal.