SHOCKED!!! My experience at the Daymond John Academy Launch event

DJ_FI4I arrived at the FREE “Launch Academy- Become and Entrepreneur training” event yesterday about 5 minutes late due to heavy traffic. Quickly I parked my car at the lot, rushed out and practically ran into the hotel where it was holding. On my way in, I met two ladies who were also late. We rushed in together.

On getting to the room, it was packed. About 300 people were in attendance. Since I came late, I had to sit at the back. A man was presenting. I thought, ooh 🙁 … I won’t be able to hear Daymond very well when he eventually presents. But then I consoled myself, I have my audio recorder, my pen and booklet so I wouldn’t miss anything. After settling down into my seat, I looked around at the calibre of individuals in attendance, I was impressed. Mature, serious-minded individuals like me who took time out from work to meet and tap into the brain of a renowned, respected business guru. So like everyone in the room, patiently I waited for the grand entrance of Daymond John.

Then came the disillusioning……..Yep! Disillusion moment! The presenter began by saying something like rich people are smart to know they can’t do everything themselves hence they hire experts like him to do the job……then he went on and on and on….  I shook my head in thought…….“true”. It’s only smart to hire experts in a field you are not exactly trained for. But then the lady beside me caught on the gist fast, she shook her head and said “He’s not coming”. First I didn’t understand what she was saying.  She repeated herself, “he’s not coming”. I asked her “who is not coming?”. She said “I don’t think Daymond is going to be here”. All of a sudden, the man’s presentation made sense….What? 😡 He’s not going to be here? Honestly I was a shocked and taken aback.

DJ_FI0So I don’t feel too bad, I looked at the faces of people around me, we experienced the same thing. Everyone, like me, was confused and then disappointed. Seeing their expressions made me feel better…..a little bit. J

But then I thought, I have to stay positive……right? I am here now so I might as well try to enjoy the presentation and get the best out of it. I tried to see beyond the initial shock and I must confess the presenter wasn’t too bad. He was there to sell an entrepreneurial workshop package coming up next week which will give access to work with Daymond Johns’s team. Honestly, I knew that it was a marketing forum but I was just looking forward to the juicy entrepreneur nuggets I was going to go away with. Plus I was looking for content for you. See, it’s partly your fault 😉 . Anyways, the presenter said the workshop will cost $6000 but then reduced it to $2000 if one signs up right away. He said working with this team will help turn business/business ideas around. I guess all that was stated on the advert will be taught at the workshop. So if you are interested, you can check them out.


Judith (Pastor) and Sheketta (Pharmacist)

So what was my take-away? – even though I’ve always known this, this event re-affirmed it….”Nothing good comes free (or cheap)”.

What I gained from the event….Networking

I expanded my network. I met 4 lovely women who share the same passion as I do there. A Pharmacist, a boutique consultant, a Pastor and an Accountant. Passionate women. I only have pictures o two of them. Hopefully I will be able to invite them someday as a guest on Tolusworld to share their projects and view on life issues with you.

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17 thoughts on “SHOCKED!!! My experience at the Daymond John Academy Launch event

  1. This Free workshop just came across my fb feed. I’m so happy I found your review. Thanks for saving me some time. Although, an in depth business course for $2000 is cheaper than a 2 year busness degree, I’m skeptical of non-accredited education.

  2. Lol! I guess that’s why they noted in their current seminars that he will not be there. Most of these are live infomercials.

    Do you ever blog about real estate? I would be interested in having a discussion with you and providing blog content in regards to real estate as many people wonder where their home values are going. Also I’ve been to a few real estate seminars which are similar to The Daymond John Workshop but on real estate and I think that would be a good tie into an article like this one.

  3. Thanks for the post. I just signed up for tomorrow’s presentation, prior to reading the post. I am an entrepreneur and always looking for the nuggets to help propel my business to the next level. Is the information shared basic 101 level (business common sense) or are there true out of the box trinkets presented? I would be truely disappointed to make the drive and waste my time. Thank you.

    • It’s been a while. Attended this last year. One thing I can remember was that the program seemed like it was organized to sell another product. I also remember that the speaker made it clear at the onset that Daymond was not going to be there and that he (the speaker) was hired to do the job. Honestly, I didn’t gain much. At the end of the speech people were told they could sign up for the ‘course’ that was being spoken about. I remember some people left in the middle of the program. I hope this helps. This is my personal opinion. Thanks

      • Thank you for this information , I signed up for a class next Tuesday in Jacksonville,FL for the price to go from $6000 to $2000 no Daymond John not good. I made up my mind no class. thank you

  4. Thanks so much for your commentary. I signed up before reading reviews. I rarely sign up for anything before reading reviews but I thought, hmmm this could be interesting! Thank you for me avoiding a pay to play scam I would call it. Why can’t someone just take you thru the drills without cutting your throat first! Appreciate all you did accomplish to let us know!

  5. Honestly it is common sense to know Daymond John is not going to be at a FREE event. I cannot understand how people could even think that.

  6. Tampa Florida has been disappointed too! Misrepresentation of a person should be against the law !
    Glad you got something good out of it ?

  7. Great post Tolu. I went to the same meeting last night in my town. While yes, Daymond was not there, it was up to you to decide what you want to get out of it. Great job on making new connections, however I am sorry that you do not see the concept of FREE= the most expensive option. TIME is not money… TIME is Precious. And you can spend a LOT of time searching for free information or INVEST in yourself and take a shortcut. Also, the speaker mentioned the Free Seat= Broke seat. It is the mindset that we must develop if you want to make it big and act “as if”before you actually get there. There was plenty of value in the presentation if attention was paid with an open mind.

  8. Awwwww! Still worth it though! Thanks for sharing. I gained from your experience too.

  9. That was disappointing, but you still made the best of the opportunity by networking and meeting new people. You never know where those relationships will lead to 🙂