The Imperial Church Service- Amidst Peach and Coral decors, Tolusworld’s Mother pays her last respect to God…….Day 3

Finally it was time to take my mom, Chief (Mrs) Margaret Durosomo Akintan’s body to church for the last time to pay her last respect to God, her maker until that day when the trumpet will sound and she will rise again with the righteous ones. Again, she was carried in her lovely glittering white casket by the ever efficient Pallbearers. Placed on the white casket were 2 wreaths made from freshly cut flowers- Mama loved fresh flowers.

Everyone was dressed in expensive Yoruba traditional regalia, Asooke (aka ofi). The color code for the day was peach and coral. We choose such bright lovely colors because my mother was known for her beauty and fashion (besides her peaceful, generous and warm character). Charismatic until the day she passed on….

Later, I will upload pictures of the Mausoleum- the dome-like shaped house my mom was laid to rest in.

If this your first time on Tolusworld, thanks for stopping by. In the last few days I have been covering the home going of my dear mom. To play catch up on the tribute, Day 1 pictures, Day 2 pictures and videos of pallbearers display, and wake-keepclick on the red hyperlinks.

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Dr (Mrs) Tolulope Dairo- Tolusworld


Tolusworld and her Husband, Dr Dokun Dairo


Dr Dokun Dairo (Tolusworld’s Husband)




From left- Tolusworld and her sister, Honorable Justice Oluyemi Akintan-Osadebay


Tolusworld and her Husband, Dr. Dokun Dairo escorting mama’s casket from her matrimonial home to St. Paul’s Anglican Church Odode-Idanre


Mama’s widower- High Chief Agboola Akintan- The Ojomu of Idanre and Lisa of Kosofe Land Lagos


Mrs Bolanle Ojo (Tolusworld’s dear cousin and friend) flanked by Dr (Mrs)Tolu Dairo and her husband, Dr Dokun Dairo 



Honorable Justice Oluyemi Akintan-Osadebay- Mama’s first daughter and Tolusworld’s sister


The Dairos and the Osadebays making their way into the church premise.


Mama’s casket given a heroic entrance into St. Paul’s Anglican Church Odode-Idanre


Dr Dokun Dairo (Tolusworld’s Husband), being interviewed by Red Carpet Events’ Coverage- later featured on Lagos State Television (LTV 8) and Ondo State Television (OSRC)- look out for the blog post of this coverage on Tolusworld




Honorable Justice Oluyemi Akintan-Osadebay- Mama’s first daughter and Tolusworld’s sister



Everyone taking a a last peek at mama’s body.


Mama’s children and some of her grandchildren at the alter during thanksgiving.


Some of Mama’s grandchildren



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5 thoughts on “The Imperial Church Service- Amidst Peach and Coral decors, Tolusworld’s Mother pays her last respect to God…….Day 3

  1. Wonderful Creative writing Dr Dairo You are too brilliant I enjoyed your exotic posts! Your family rocks! Well done!

    • Thank you. I hope you are subscribed to Tolusworld so you don’t miss my future posts. I have my anniversary love story coming up next week. Look out…. 😉

    • Thank you and Amen to the prayers. Don’t forget to subscribe to using the subscription box on your screen. Also. please remember that I do cover events for showcasing life in pictures. 🙂

  2. Mama was given a befitting burial. May God prolong the lives of those of us left here on earth. Iya rere, continue to sleep at the bosom of our Lord. E ku ina wo o.