Finally, it is here! My weight loss challenge. Y-E-A!!! I always get excited about this because I know by the end of this journey I will be slimmer and looking p-w-e-e-t-i-e-r!!!!! YEA!!!! 🙂 😉 🙂 Happy Tuesday to you and thank you for stopping by Tolusworld 🙂 . My excitement is so much its’ giving me butterflies in my tummy. I have sooo much I want to share with you, my fingers can’t type fast enough. Since this page is one of my favorite pages on my Tolusworld, I’m going to be doing a lot of gisting when updating you on my weight lose challenge so “bi ko nnu” (please) don’t be too much in a hurry to leave. I promise you will enjoy my fitness life. Down to the business of the day. I embark on weight loss challenges at least once a year. Going on weight loss challenge is something I started last year and this has helped me maintain my weight. Why do I do it? I have realized that I find it more difficult to maintain my weight than lose it (which is normal) and also sometimes during the course of the year, I occasionally cheat on my diet (I’m human…what can I do 🙂 ) which leads to a little weight gain here and there so before I become too comfortable with the extra pounds, I quickly put myself on this challenge to help regulate my weight. You can look at it as a preventive mechanism or “TW weight regulator” 🙂 EUL_0150So what have I done so far?

Preparatory Phase- Nov.-Dec. 2014- Carried my gym bag around in my car to sensitize me and psychologically prepare me. My exercise schedule during this time was not the best. It was challenging for me because I was trying to detox myself of my not so good eating habits and get back to the gym full-time. Worked on my water intake, sleep pattern, eating habits and lifestyle modification and external stressors – these are factors that directly affect fitness lifestyle – I will dig deeper on these factors as we move along this journey. Oh to add, normally, I always try to go to the gym at least 3 times a week but during my prep phase, I travelled to the UK in November with family and that just messed up my eating habit. big time. I ate like there was no tomorrow 🙁 . Plus I didn’t exercise at all. So you see why this phase was challenging.

Fast forward to January 2015- Week of Jan. 5, I started getting in the mood “proper” so much I overdid it. Since I wasn’t feeling my treadmill yet, I decided to dance…….Gosh I had a blast! I danced for over an hr. But by the next day I could barely stand on my legs. I had pain all over my body. It took me 3 days of daily Tylenol to get back in gear. So here I am now……  I plan to lose 1.5lbs/week for 2months=12lbs (better than I bargained for)  

My statistics as of yesterday Weight: 73kg (160.6lbs) Target weight- 67.55kg (148.6lbs) (Hey! Mo gbe!!!! I haven’t been this for over 10years- Haa! This is a dream come true for me o… me God!

Game plan: #1. Remove stress factors (I have been able to do this, please see above); #2. Cut Carbohydrates 85% out of my diet. I’ll take more roughages; #3. Increase protein intake; #4. Fats and oil- I don’t eat much of this; #5. Maintain 2 litres of water intake daily; #6. Cardio (treadmill/Zumba/Jump rope (skipping rope)) – at least 40mins/daily /4days a week; #7. Strength exercise- 20mins.

My challenges as of today is snacking after 7 pm. I got low fat activia yoghurt yesterday to take one after 7pm. Let’s see how that works out.

My week so far: Starting Monday 2 days ago; Treadmill- 50 mins- 550cals; Weights- 20mins; Stretch- 5mins; Food- On point. No junk. My desire is update you weekly, Share my weight progress with you; Hope that you can join me on this journey so we can celebrate together. For those that are on this journey with me, I’ll share my food plan with you next week so you can use it as sample. I will also introduce you to my gym buddies. Look out for my relationship post tomorrow….. For this page ……until next week……cha-cha 🙂


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  1. Hi Tolu right now my weight is 71kg but I would like to be 65kg now I going through 40days fasting and I know I will lose some kilo but beyond that I have a big tummy any idea on how I can loss some fat from my tummy.kemi

    • Hi Kemi! Thanks for visiting tolusworld. You can still incorporate light weight loss schedule into your fasting. My advice to you is to #1. focus on the food you break with. Substitute your carbohydrates (Rice/eba/iyan) for lighter carbs. For instance, if you are a lover of white rice, you can try to take brown rice. Now, I know brown rice could be tasteless at times but when you add little onion slices and maggi powder (instead of salt), it enhances the taste. You can also add a 1 teaspoon of olive oil (just 40 calories). #2 Reduce the oil you use in cooking you stew. If you can do without it at all, it is better. A trick to losing stomach fat is not eating late night meals. You want to make your last meal about 6pm. Also, is your tummy fat from pregnancy? Then you need to do sit ups. Add 10 sit-ups at night to your schedule. You can start with 5. The trick is to be persistent and persevere. The Lord is your strength. Oh by the way, I am on my way to the spa now with a friend. Come back tonight and check my gisting page for beta spa gist…..Good luck…..

  2. Awesome, I look forward to you very thoughtful and detailed posts. Keep it up. Regards to the family. Quick Question for you: Do you recommend counting calorie intake. My thought on this is “one cannot count Niger food”

  3. Let’s do this together Tolu. My starting point in February 2014 was 81kg. Now I am 73kg (as at the last time I checked). Planning to get rid of like 6kg more and just maintain it. Lets motivate each other.

  4. Awesome! I’m on a weight loss challenge as well. Let’s motivate each other 🙂
    We can do this!!